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Flic wants to simplify your life by the press of a button

A Swedish team of entrepreneurs and engineers has developed the smartest button you can get: Flic. The small device is currently crowdfunded on Indigogo and already reached over 700% of its $80,000 goal. Flic allows you to trigger actions on your smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth enabled devices.

The device is slightly bigger than a thumb and can trigger a wide variety of actions by simply pressing the button.  In comparison to NFC tags Flic does not require you to hold your smartphone near the button as the range is up to 50 meters.


Flic can be set up easily via an iOS and Android app which offers you tons of possibilities to configure the button’s functions. Order pizza, snooze your alarm, play music, take a selfie, control your lights…there are nearly no limits. Each Flic can execute up to three different actions, by pressing, double-pressing and press-and-hold of the button.
There is also a clip which can be used to wear the button on your clothes, making it a great companion if you need to snooze a call in a meeting or if you want to send your location to someone when you’re scared in the dark.

In addition to actions triggered on your smartphone, Flic can also control third party apps, Philips Hue lights, Nest thermostats and take advantage of IFTTT commands (full list click here).
The invention is equipped with a standard coin battery which will power the device up to five years or 60.000 clicks. You can pre-order Flic for $27 on the Indigogo campaign page with the first devices being shipped in March 2015.