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For The Fast & Curious – German Startup Reinvents City Mobility

Unu Scooter City

If you live in a big city why would you not have an electric scooter? Probably because the most models, especially those of bigger carmakers, look like a futuristic skateboard or because they cost as much as a small car. Thanks but no thanks. 

That’s most likely what the young entrepreneurs from unu motors thought when they started to develop their own vision of an electric scooter. Instead of designing a grounded spacecraft they engineered a beautiful scooter with the appealing curves and outlines of legendary rides like the Vespa. 

unu motors scooter side
The “sexy” unu motors electric scooter

However besides it’s appetising looks the unu motors scooter is also fast, easy, affordable, clean and intelligent. In order to give drivers a new level of experience the scooter uses portable batteries which deliver several huge advantages compared to other electric scooters. Equipped with two battery slots and delivered to customers with a charger which can be plugged into any conventional power socket you will never run out of juice. 

unu motors portable battery
The easy-to-carry portable scooter battery

If your battery runs low (which it will after 45-50 km) you can take it out of its socket and take it into your home or office carrying it with the attached shoulder strap – as it weighs only about 9 kg it’s also not a heavy burden. The battery charges in only 5 hours to 100% or to 80% in only 1,5 hours after it’s been completely empty. If you want to leave the city behind in order to spend the day at a lake or in the wild you can put in two batteries which will extend the range up to 100km.

The fashionable scooter further uses the kinetic-energy recovery system (KERS) which is known usually from Formula 1 cars and a nearly maintenance-free brushless electric motor. 

unu back
With KERS and brushless e-motor the scooter is well equipped with modern technology

The guys from unu motors didn’t stop by reinventing the electric scooter but further integrated their vision of a clean city in every step of the supply chain in order to encourage drivers to go green. This starts with the ordering process. You can order your personalised unu scooter on the website, choosing color, seat color and motor power (1kW, 2kW and 3kW options available). While all versions are limited to 45km/h, which enables people to drive unu with the common driver’s license in most European countries, the 3 versions differ greatly in acceleration. 

The online ordering system eliminates the need for warehouses, risk surcharge and dealers along with the related costs. This reflects directly in the prices as the scooters start at affordable 1699,- Euro. If you keep in mind that you will save about 400 Euro per year compared to a conventional scooter due to cheaper refuelling of the batteries (approx. 0,70 Euro/100km) and lower tax assuming you drive 15km/day that’s a real advantage. 

unu campaign
Unu is made for creative people living in big cities (image: Corporate Creation)

We could go on and on with even more cool stuff like easy servicing at Bosch Service stations, the shipping which includes insurance and registration if you wish or the cool battery recycling process. However it might be best if you learn how cool unu’s scooters are on your own by booking a test drive on their website here

Already convinced? Order your green ride in your favourite color here.
The only questions that’s left now is #wherewillyougo?

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