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Gas Show 15 – Auto Gas Tech at its Best

The Gas Show 15 in Warsaw, Poland last week on March 5-6 is Europe’s leading fair for LPG-CNG-LNG and auto gas technology. During the event all leading Polish and European producers and distributors of car LPG, CNG and LNG installations, dealers offering new cars with built in gas systems, designers and suppliers of auto gas fueling stations equipment, companies dealing in storing and transporting LPG, producers and distributors of fittings, devices and appliances for LPG, LNG and CNG – valves, regulators, cookers and other accessories, producers of containers, tanks and cisterns – were present.

EBV joined the event with an own booth together with Freescale.




The most remarkable take away from the inspiring, technical discussions is, that the auto gas industry is constantly striving to improve the sustainability of applications. Especially the EBVchip Minerva was of high interest. The aim behind the development of Minerva was to create the best-possible IC for controlling injection nozzles for diesel and petrol engines with exceptionally low emissions. In this automotive application, Minerva drives external MOSFETs, which in turn are connected to the injectors. These injectors are essentially actuator coils that function to the very highest precision.


Automotive qualified Cotex M0+ was requested for lower cost auto gas systems and shows that there are many possibilities in this market.

One of the highlights was Freescale’s 32-bit MCU for automotive and industrial functional safety applications.
The video shows the demo with champaign glasses mounted on a cube at the end of a rotating motor and next to it a running motor turning a propeller – due to the sensors which are measuring speed and position there is no damage to the glasses.







So thanks to the team and everyone who made the show a great experience, demonstrating not only high-tech but also that there is still a little time for fun beside the hard biz – I’ve been caught by the STAG Police during the show – hopefully they will accept any of my proposals for electronics and release me….