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Concepts, Revolutions and Visions – That’s the Geneva International Motor Show

Every year the Geneva International Motor Show fascinates Thousands of car enthusiasts and technology fans. But the show is also a good indicator where the journey of the automotive industry is heading to. Established car manufacturers showcase their latest innovations and trends. And what would be the show with all the exotics? We want to highlight some companies which exhibited outstanding products in terms of electro mobility, revolutionary technology and visionary trends.

These days, the German premium car manufacturer BMW is not only because of its 100th anniversary on everyone’s lips. In Geneva, BMW also captivates through its car models. It came up with three versions of the new 740e iPerformance. The luxury liner, due to a body structure with carbon core in combination with steel and aluminium, offers an increased strength and rigidity of the passenger cell. Furthermore, the plugin-hybrid engine and the reduced car weight is to consume only 2.1 litre of fuel per 100 kilometre. Really astonishing when you consider that it accelerates with its 326hp in only 5.6 seconds from 0-100kph.

Image: BMW
Image: BMW

The Bavarian car company with the distinctive kidney-shaped radiator grille as its symbol also showcases a BMW i8 with camera monitor system based on ISO16505 instead of mandatory outside rear-view mirrors. The international standard was already introduced during the CES in Las Vegas earlier this year and could have an impact on future car designs.

Car tuning companies such as MTM must not be missing of course at this major international auto show. The German car tuner and small manufacturer based in Wettstetten, pimped a conventional 240hp VW T6 with the mounting of an e-drive at the rear axle. The enhancement delivers extra power of 42hp and promises a maximum torque of 1.100 Nm. This is pure driving pleasure which is supposed to be available for customers soon.

Source: Volkswagen
Image: Volkswagen

But the actual darlings of the public during such a show are always the exotic manufacturers. Techrules, a start-up company from China, for instance comes up with a revolutionary e-car technology and unveils its electric supercar concept – TREV (stands for ‘turbine-recharging electric vehicle’). As the name already indicates, the concept car is based on a hybrid powertrain system that uses a turbine-generator. Electricity will be generated by the turbine which then charges the battery packs, which finally supply the motor of the car.

“The TREV system is a perfect combination of micro turbine and electric vehicle technologies,” says William Jin, founder and CEO. “It is highly efficient, produces very low emissions and provides an optimal charging solution for electric vehicles. We believe it may redefine how the next generation of electric vehicles is powered.”

Image: Techrules
Image: Techrules

Last but not least another concept car ranks among to the highlights of the 86th Geneva International Motor Show. The Volkswagen subsidiary Skoda demonstrates with its concept SUV Vision S, beside an extensive infotainment system, a new definition of human-machine interfaces (HMI). No door handles and interior elements controlled via touch or pre-touch technology predict a truly interesting driving experience.

Image: Skoda

Like every year during the motor show in Geneva there’s a lot to discover. Many things are on the market already, some will come in the soon future. But there are also all those visions, concepts and studies, from which you will never know if it becomes reality. But that’s why the automotive business is so interesting!