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IoT and security should go hand in hand. Unfortunately they don’t as proven by tons of hacks of cars, smartphones, clouds and more. This is a major upset as security is the prerequisite for a successful future of IoT. If we can’t fix issues in this area now and develop strategies to integrate security solutions in all future aspects and areas of our connected world we will fail or at least slow down the adoption and introduction of the IoT.

Basically every technologist should be aware and well informed about this topic. The reason is that in order to secure a system every developer and designer involved needs to do his security job right. The truth is: you need to find solutions to prevent thousands of different ways to hack your device and system while a hacker needs to identify only one small security flaw. Game on!

The best way to get into this topic and to get an overview of cyber security and the touch points with your work is to attend a conference and listen to the talks. However, we know that spending 3 days on getting into security is something not everyone can spare (otherwise we would probably see less hacks!). We are here to help and listed 4 talks from the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) below for you to get started with cyber security (learn more about IoTSF in this short clip here).

The clips deal with the question how security can actually help you to build better IoT applications and why security is not extra cost but an enabler for IoT. Mike Muller, CTO of ARM will confront you with the truth that you will probably fail trying to build a 100% secure system – and will explian why implementing protection in every stage from manufacture right through to end of life is important anyway. The third video will examine the question who is responsible for IoT security and the last video will explain the challenges the IoT brings at the example of the healthcare industry.

Have fun watching and learning. If you have a video which you think would add further value to this list we encourage you to share it in the comments!
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The Opportunity For Security In The IoT Market

Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO of Beecham Research explains why security is not a cost, but an enabler for IoT and gets real on the market forecasts for IoT – “it’s a habit to exaggerate the numbers”.

IoT Security: The Ugly Truth

Mike Muller, CTO of ARM tells the ugly truth that, despite your best efforts to engineer a secure system for IoT, if your products are successful you will be compromised.

So Who Owns The Security Of The IoT?

Prof. Paul Dorey reviews the history of IT, engineering and industrial systems and uses the past to predict what could and should happen to an IoT enabled future.

Security In The Medical Internet of Things

Caroline Rivett of KPMG explains the challenges the IoT brings to the healthcare industry.