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Get a Sneak-Preview on Some Infineon Innovations!

Just a few weeks back Infineon presented two new technologies, a new housing for high-power IGBT modules the XHP™ and PrimePACK™ with IGBT5 and .XT at the PCIM in Nuremberg.

We already got a hands on introduction from Björn Rentemeister, Manager Product Marketing Product Segment High Power and Raghavan Nagarajan, Technical Manager System Engineering explaining the new features and benefits of the Infineon innovations.



The robust, low-maintenance design of XHP is the perfect fit for modern power electronics applications for industry, such as transportation systems and industrial drives. The new housing for high-power IGBT modules is designed to cover the full-voltage range of IGBT chips. One key innovation is its scalability, which will greatly simplify system design and manufacturing. Additionally, due to its robust architecture, the new platform will provide long-term reliability.



Since its debut in 2006 Primepack has successfully proven its capabilities in the majority of high power inverters like windpower units, industrial- and traction inverters, commercial / construction and agriculture vehicles and other applications. Now it is the first product family with a portfolio expended by next generation of IGBTs like IGBT5 and .XT.