Get Rid of Annoying „Spider Apps“ With ADcase

adcase smartphone damping system

It probably has happened to most of us already, and this incident definitely spoiled our days. The brand new smartphone dropped on the ground and of course the display didn’t survive it. Surely, you could meet your friends then and proudly present your latest “Spider App” version, but the anger about your mishap was certainly big. The two options you had were of course not satisfying, either to buy a new phone or replacing the display. But you had no choice. With ADcase those kind of experiences could belong to the past soon.

Exactly the same accident happened to the founder of ADcase a couple of years ago. He was so annoyed that he decided to find out how a case could better protect a smartphone than a conventional smartphone case. Finally, he invented ADcase, an active damping case to protect your smartphone when it crashes.

Functionality meets modern design

The development of the case took some time because it had to combine reliable technology with modern design. Functionality was always the top priority though. The result of the engineering effort looks amazing and works perfectly. “ADcase instantly recognises the imminent incident and automatically swings out the active dampers to absorb the shock thereby saving your smartphone”, Philip Frenzel, the inventor of ADcase, promises.

ADcase on Kickstarter

Small sensor within the case recognise when the smartphone is in a free-fall. The electronics assembly triggers the release of the dampers that are mounted on each corner of the case. Those can be retracted again, so ADcase is reusable and don’t need to be replace after only one incident. Further features include wireless charging capabilities, charging by wire, and an inside power bank supplies the smartphone with extra battery lifetime when needed.

So far the device will is produced mainly with the help of a 3D printer. In order to manufacture it in larger volumes, further investments are needed. That’s why the German start-up company recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The plan is to offer ADcase for all new iPhones, starting by the iPhone 6 / 6plus and up to the brand-new iPhone X. Cases for Samsung and Huawai are to be expected to follow after a successful funding.

ADcase is a really cool invention that will not only keep away anger from its owner, but will also contribute to saving precious resources that are required in the manufacturing process of a new smartphone or display.