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Using sonar echo to recognise objects translating them into vibration alerts and packing the technology in a wearable to help visually impaired to better manage their lives.
A small starter kit that enables kids to build their own little robots out of junk and unwanted materials teaching them problem solving and analytical thinking skills.
An induction water heater heating liquids directly in a cup or vessel eliminating the energy waste on excess water. 

These great ideas come from three young start-ups:  BatSuite (Slovakia), Junkbot (Dubai) and Miito (Denmark). The three young companies have one thing in common – you might already guess it’s not their location – they have been among the 15 teams that took part in the Accelerator program in Berlin in March.

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From local meeting to global community… started as small meet up in Berlin in 2013 in order to get advice and chat about hardware and quickly grew to a global community and accelerator for entrepreneurs, industry professionals and makers dedicated to the creation of innovative hardware products and companies.

Two years later the accelerator obtains a strong network including business partners like Freescale, Schleicher Electronic and EBV Elektronik which can help the start-ups to get the best design support to build the hardware necessary to realise their ideas. In addition works together with a huge number of mentors educating the teams in multiple disciplines from electrical engineering to financing and marketing. Another great feature are the labs which are build together with Conrad Electronic SE and are equipped with an array of necessary components, test equipment, tools and machinery to build and test anything the community members have in mind.

“Here at we search for the best mentors from all over Germany and Europe to support the teams we bring into our accelerator. We are very happy to be partnering with EBV because they offer our teams support on a number of levels from incredible industry knowledge to one-on-one mentorship for all of their technical and hardware needs.” – Teshia Treuhaft, Head of Communications for


Working in a lab

All it takes is an idea…

To profit from the knowledge and resources the teams don’t need to spend a cent – taking part in the accelerator is free. However they should be well-prepared in order to get through the application process and to be selected for the 14-day program.
First the start-ups need to complete an online form and send in a video and optional PDF supplements. In a next step the most promising startups will be asked to complete an interview with the organisational team.
During the selection process the organisational team considers teams in early stages working on ideas up to young companies which already have gone through their first round of funding. The final teams are determined based on their idea as well as their team together with with advisors and mentors.

The accelerator program is very intense. In just 14 days the teams have the unique chance to gain knowledge in workshops and one-on-one interaction with more than 40 mentors and professionals including investors, lawyers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, developers, product managers and many more.


Next generation of entrepreneurs!

The accelerator program culminates in a public demo day for each of the participating teams. Startup teams pitch their ideas to a group of investors and industry professionals and often leave with their first round of funding. has already a huge community and a lot of successful alumni like KeyDock, Beaconinside and Superclock. Get more information and be a part of the community by clicking the logo below!