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Heracles – One Module to Connect them All!

Here’s a question for any IoT device developer on the planet: What would you do if you were less smart? Or in other words, you would have a great idea for an IoT device but you’d be absolutely clueless on how to add connectivity to it.

Yep, tricky one. However, if you do know the new EBVchips Heracles 2G cellular module the challenge suddenly becomes amazingly simple to solve. Take your product or prototype and add the small module via standard SMD assembly process.

Knowing the smart engineers in our industry you probably already think one step ahead and wonder about SIM card and data plan. Well, in that case, go one step back. Because you’re already done!

Heracles comes with a prepaid data plan, valid for a long-term period up to the year 2025, at no additional cost and without any monthly fee. The fully certified off-the-shelf solution is perfectly suited for applications like wearable electronics, tracking devices, smart meters, asset tracking and just about any other device that needs reliable connectivity to the cellular network. Equipped with Orange’s 1st quality network and large tier one roaming network covering 33 European countries Heracles is able to perform in devices that are sold across Europe as well as in products that are attached to moving objects of any kind.

EBVchips Heracles
Heracles embeds a complete quad-band GSM/GPRS module and a built-in SIM card with pre-paid 2G data plan included

Heracles easily masters the combination of ultra-fast time-to-market with a seamless user experience due to the extensive 2G cellular coverage, integrated SIM card and the fact that no subscription is necessary by the end-user (Buy-and-Play).

To top of those great news lets sprinkle some facts on this little IoT miracle: With Heracles you’ll get quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz, GPRS multi-slot class 12/10, GPRS mobile station class B, GSM phase 2/2+ Class 4 and 1 compliance, and low power consumption all packed into a chip measuring only 15.8 mm x 17.8 mm x 2.4 and withstanding rough environments and external influences like vibration.

EBV Elektronik cooperates with Orange Wholesale France providing a module with access to secure and reliable cellular connectivity across extensive geographical area. Read the full press release here.

For full insights and specs of Heracles go to our EBVchip website or download the product brief here.


  1. Is there an eval board to evaluate the Heracles chip ?

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