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Homee Is Cooler Than Your Average Smart Home Control!

Wohoo another smart home controller… NO. Homee is different. It’s easier, more flexible and more fun.

Homee is a “modular home control”. The project to develop Homee has been initiated by Jochen Schöllig and Waldemar Wunder, who are also the founders of the Internet of Things agency Codeatelier based in Stuttgart, Germany.

So what exactly sets their approach apart from other smart home controllers?

First of all, Homee is not only one device. It consists out of different building blocks which allow you to build your own device fitting to your needs. The only thing that you need to start the experience is the “brain unit”. This is the central control hub for all your smart home devices and Homee extensions.

The Base unit is a simplistic and small cube which reminds us of a Lego brick equipped with a micro-USB port for power, an audio jack and a status indicator. On top is a cloud with four pins which is used to connect to the additional Homee building blocks – just put them on top like you would do with Lego!

The fun does not end with the easy set up – while the brain uses WiFi to connect to your network and WiFi enabled devices you can add an EnOcean building block and a Z-Wave block. The next extension which will add ZigBee connectivity is already in development.

indigogo pic

Homee fits to almost every smart home set-up you can imagine (image: Homee/Indiegogo)

Ok, now you got a really pretty smart home controller which is easy to set up. You think that is not impressive, yet? No worries, the app which you use to control Homee and your smart home is also a gem!

You can connect nearly any smart home device or gadget out there to Homee. Using the app you can further customise your experience. The Homee app let’s you build your own features. You simply select a pre-defined function from a huge pool of tasks and modify it to your needs. Add them to your “Homeegram” and that’s it!

Got a smart-thermostat? You’d like to get a notification when it’s getting cold in your apartment? You like to be called “King of the Smart Home”? Well, then you should a) use the app to easily setup a feature which will send you a notification with the text “King of the Smart Home it’s getting cold” and b) really get a new nickname!

Besides notifications you can also customise which functions you want to control and how to trigger them within the app.

Our conclusion: Smart home control is not something new but Homee takes it to the next level by making the setup and interaction with your smart home gadgets more fun and more personal!

You can currently get Homee via CyberPort in Germany or wait for the online store to go live soon!

Get an impression on how Homee works and the guys behind the smart idea in this video:

Cover image: Homee Facebook page