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hugOne is More than a Simple Family Sleep Monitor

The European startup Sevenhugs wants to improve your sleep with the “hugOne” sleep tracking system. The smart device eliminates the need to wear anything to track sleep and also monitors the indoor environment to ensure a healthy home.

HugOne is a small, well-designed cube which can be placed in your living-room or another central room of your house. It connects to “minihugs” – small sensors which are placed in one corner of the bed, under the mattress cover to monitor your family’s sleep cycles. The minihugs do not need to be charged or synchronised.

Sevenhugs_minihug instal-light

The system monitors when you fall asleep, if you are rolling over during the night, and when you wake up. The information is pushed to and displayed in an iOS or Android app. While this is nothing new, sevenhugs differentiates its product from common sleep trackers as there is no need wear anything and by adding some special functionality which targets families.


More than just sleep tracking…

The hugOne station is not only collecting all the data from the sleep trackers in your home but also uses environmental sensors to monitor temperature and humidity in every bedroom as well as indoor air quality thanks to an advanced volatile organic compound sensor. If the air quality exceeds the preset limits the hugOne will send you an alert.
The device can also control your smart bulbs, to make you fall asleep with sunset light and to wake you up with sunrise light. In addition, if a child awakes in the middle of the night, the hugOne will automatically glow a night light.
The feature that makes the minihugs unique, is that they shut off electronic transmission and start recording your sleep data until you are awake and are no longer in bed to avoid WiFi and Bluetooth signals while you’re close.
Another nice capability of the hugOne is the smart home integration with Nest thermostats, which allows the device to automatically adjust your home to your preferred night-time temperature.

You can pre-order a set with one hugOne station and two minihugs for €139 here. The first devices will be shipped this spring.

Watch the video below for a full overview of features and how to use hugOne in your home.