Memories – The Hidden Champions That Are Everywhere

Imagine a world without memories. A lot of people would likely say “So what?”. But believe us, nowadays we would be lost without them. As they are hidden and do their work in the background where they can’t be seen, nobody really takes notice of them. But they play an essential role in today’s technology.

EBV-World Of Memory
EBV memory campaign

Whether we talk about computers, automotive, industrial or consumer applications, memories come into play. Reason enough to dedicate those hidden champions special attention. Together with our partners Toshiba, Samsung and Micron we at EBV Elektronik are running a campaign which is meant to bring you closer to the subject of those little brains that keep technology running.

Volatile vs. Non-Volatile Memories

But first of all let’s give you an overview. Memories can be divided into volatile and non-volatile memories. They will be used depending on the area of application. Volatile memories, represented by SRAM and DRAM, will be used for short term storage. In example a Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) puts some data while performing an algorithm. Typically volatile memories are very fast to read from and to write. On the other hand non-volatile memories, such as Flash, are built to store data for a longer period of time. In comparison to the above mentioned volatile memories, they keep data also when the power is switched off. Flash can be found in a variety of memory cards, such as USB sticks or Solid State Drives (SSD), and electronic equipment.

The Inventor Of Flash Memory

Inventor of the Flash memory is our franchise partner Toshiba. In 1984 they introduced this new type of semiconductor memory to the market whose main types are NAND and NOR logic gate. The NAND market has grown rapidly, with flash memory becoming an internationally standardized memory device. Because of the frequent write and erase requirements and the need to keep data save, memories have to be robust and reliable. With its long lasting experience and expertise Toshibas with its solutions is able to deliver appropriate products.

Inspire The World, Create The Future

Besides robustness and reliability, speed is another crucial factor for successful memory products. Numerous innovations during the past 20 years came from Samsung Semiconductors. Amongst other developments Samsung eliminated performance bottlenecks with its 3D memory technologies. As Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer it can also deliver a powerful mobile experience with Mobile DRAM and eMMC/UFS.

Memory Solutions for the Internet of Things

The industry’s broadest portfolio of silicon-to-semiconductor solutions is offered my Micron Technology. The solutions range from foundational DRAM, NAND, and NOR Flash memory, and extending to SSDs, modules, MCPs, HMC, and other semiconductor solutions.

Dive deeper into the world of memories and learn from our experts which solution brings your design to the next level. You are most welcome to contact us here.