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Introducing Sizzl – Supporting Start-Ups in Berlin

The Schleicher Incubator Zoom Zone Labs – or short: “sizzl” – is a new initiative of the Schleicher Electronic Berlin GmbH targeting start-ups and young creative thinkers. 

Schleicher originally provides tailored electronic solutions to customers. In order to support the young and innovative start-up scene in Berlin the company created sizzl. A lot of small companies have promising ideas and concepts but lack the technical know-how and access to components to successfully realise them. That’s where sizzl wants to step in and support the start-ups with comprehensive experience in development, design and production of electronic applications and solutions.

Sizzl is specialised on electronic hardware start-ups offering an environment that brings them close to experienced team players in the electronics industry. At the same time sizzl provides knowledge and skills from all departments of an experienced company: R&D, field application, production, logistics, as well as accounting or HR and, not to be forgotten, sales and marketing. In combination with the support of Schleicher Electronic start-ups benefit from an innovative office concept for an ideal working environment and attain financial benefits due to longstanding business relationships.

EBV helps to realise the ambitious project with system and components expertise on the technical side and with experience in working with semiconductor manufacturers on the commercial side. 

Successful projects of sizzl include BoB (Brainof Box) an universal module for ontrolling electronic package boxes and Hazelwood, a small single board computer representing an extension of the well-known mini computers Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, et al.