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Invoxia’s Triby & Amazon’s Alexa Make For An Irresistible Couple

Triby + Alexa Announcement

Invoxia, a french high-tech company known for innovative VoIP SIP phones, just announced that Triby, a family-focused message board, internet radio and VoIP device (we reported before here), will be the first device available for purchase not made by Amazon to feature the company’s clever voice service Alexa.

Since its introduction in 2015 Triby was a smart kitchen companion, playing music via the built in In Vivo Acoustic ® speakers, sending digital post-its and messages to your family, and handling your incoming calls.

Triby different angles
The Invoxia Triby displays short messages and post-its on a small screen, sticks to your fridge magnetically and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

As first third-party device using the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Triby is able to perform a ton of new and helpful tasks a lot like the Amazon Echo. Play music, hear information from Wikipedia, ask for the news, request a ride from Uber, set alarms, control your smart home devices and much more, with just your voice.

“As a company with a specialty in creating speakers and telecoms devices, we are excited by the world of possibilities consumer products like Triby offer families to improve their lives,” said Sébastien de la Bastie, Managing Director of Invoxia. “Our expertise in far field voice capture and connected devices helped us integrate the Alexa Voice Service quickly, and now the already multi-functional Triby becomes even more versatile and intelligent, giving people access to continually evolving cloud-based content and services.”

For now Alexa voice command functionality on Triby will be available via an update only in the US but will likely arrive in other parts of the world soon.

Late last year Invoxia joined Amazon’s Alexa Fund, a $100 million initiative to support startups looking to integrate Alexa functionality into their products. The AVS is highly costumer friendly as the voice commands work exactly the same way across all devices. If you are used to say “Alexa play Adele” to your Amazon Echo you don’t have to change anything as you can say exactly the same to Triby.

“As one of our first Alexa Fund companies, it’s great to see Triby offer their customers Alexa integration today,” said Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Alexa. “We believe voice is the most natural way to interact with technology in your home, which is one reason we’ve made access to the Alexa Voice Service available to device makers and developers for free.”

Alexa family
The Amazon Alexa family: the Tap Bluetooth speaker, Fire TV streaming media player, Echo wireless speaker and voice command device and Dot speaker, and smart home hub.

On Amazon’s Echo, Alexa has already proven to be a success especially in terms of practicality and popularity. Now, with the availability of easy and free AVS integration for new third-party applications we might see an explosion of new smart home devices fuelled by Amazon and its broad consumer-base.