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Unlimited Freedom For Your IoT Device Development with IRIS Lite

When we developed the EBVchips family member IRIS we wanted to give designers the freedom to develop their IoT devices as easy as possible. With the automatic connection to the DeviceDrive cloud and the associated services work virtually accomplished by itself. With the new version of the chip solution – IRIS Lite – developers will have even more freedom.

In connection with the versatile DeviceDrive cloud solution, the “Cloud on Chips” WiFi module holds everything an IoT device maker could wish for: from certification over security features up to firmware. Due to the cooperation with Device Drive we are able to develop and deliver individual solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs.

With IRIS Lite it is getting even better. Many customers ask for more flexibility, especially with regard to the cloud connection. Many enterprises have their own solutions installed already and so they need a module that offers absolute flexibility. The new IRIS Lite module is now able to support any other cloud solution on the market. Developers can stick with their own custom cloud solution already installed or can chose any provider they want to. Isn’t that fantastic? The only thing you have to do is to deploy an URL and to connect to your own cloud.

Nevertheless, what remains the same is the security aspect. It plays a vital role for the development of successful IoT devices. You always need security, thus the module offers a secret security token and TLS1.2 secured WiFi. The protocol provides privacy and data integrity between the communicating applications. Data can be exchanged over a network securely.

EBVchips IRIS Lite
EBVchips IRIS Lite is able to connect to any custom cloud provider

Besides that, all other features remain the same. It’s like when you order the diet version of your favorite soft drink in a bar. You don’t want to waive the taste but get less inconvenient sugar. So IRIS Lite is perfect for all your IoT dreams. Just connect your applications to the cloud through IRIS. Send data in JSON format on the UART, get the reply from the cloud of your choice and get started! It’s literally a piece of cake, but light.

So, connectivity to any cloud just got a lot easier and more convenient now thanks to IRIS Lite. Contact EBV and ask for a quote or further information. Our experts are willing to answers your questions.