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IoT Your Way – Smart, Secure, Connected – Everywhere

The internet of things (IoT) – everyday we read about it, we think about it and we use it – so why should you take the time for another text about the IoT? Because we have no intention of hyping it or declaring it as something entirely new. We want to share our own vision to help you to get the most out of your IoT applications. 

For years EBV has helped it’s customers to develop highly advanced applications and systems. In order to ensure the best support for our partners we established our vertical segments consisting out of the classic market segments including the automotive, consumer, healthcare, high-rel and renewable energies segments and the technology-driven FPGA, identification, LightSpeed and RF & wireless segments.

At EBV we embrace the exchange of knowledge and information between all our segments to create flexible solutions fitting perfectly to current market needs. A couple years ago we started to support our first customers in adding internet connectivity to applications in order to enhance their functionality and to add new features.

With decreasing size and increasing energy efficiency, semiconductor technology now offers the possibility to connect nearly anything to the internet. This is not a change but an evolution of something not only EBV and but also our partners have been working on for a while now.

The fact that the IoT creates an incredible number of new possibilities and is complemented by other rising technologies such as big data and cloud computing generates the big hype which we are seeing currently.

At EBV we took the time to analyse and structure this hype in order to provide you with a comprehensive strategy which can lead you to success and ensures that you get the most out of the IoT.

Our vertical segments now work together closer than ever before. Our FAEs have had the chance to gain experience in IoT applications long before the term was established and our experts not only analyse everything that happens in regards of new technologies but also identify market trends and future opportunities. 

Want to develop an application which measures the blood sugar electronically? No problem, our healthcare experts know the sensors and technologies you need. Add connectivity to make it an IoT application – no worries we have plenty solutions. Software? Our experts are constantly concerned with the investigation and qualification of the software you may need.

In addition to our segments we are well aware of the huge spectrum of customers which are active in the IoT space. From Industry 4.0 over connected cars to smart home appliances – the diversity of our knowledge matches perfectly to the variety of ideas and needs of our customers.

In our role as semiconductor distributor we see our strength not limited to EBV’s broad product portfolio but strive to provide our customers with the best support, experience and service available.

The IoT not only helps us to connect devices – it helps us to connect people. Customers out of industries like sportswear and furniture need more than semiconductor products. They require suitable partners to implement the electronics functionality for them while taking into account characteristics of the corresponding solution from all possible angles. EBV shows these companies the opportunities offered by the technologies and provides introductions to suitable partners who are able to address the individual requirements of the corresponding area of business or solution.

After having worked with companies and partners from startups to well-established businesses we are now able to ask the most important and fundamental question regarding the IoT: How can we assist you to develop a solution which is smart, connected to the outside world and enables secure communication?

Want the answer? Then checkout “The EBV IoT – Smart, Secure, Connected – Everywhere”

See how the stunning EBV IoT visual was created in the video below:

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