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IoTivity is an open-source IoT Connectivity Framework

The number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding but there is still no agreement on shared standards for the IoT. IoTivity, an open source software framework, is an attempt to establish an IoT standard in order to enable devices, products and services for the Internet of Things.

Last July several tech heavyweights, including Cisco, Intel, Samsung and Atmel teamed up and founded the Open Interconnected Consortium (OIC) with the goal to improve interoperability and streamlining connectivity. The group, which has over 50 members, has launched the Preview Release version of its IoT certification and standard, IoTivity.

The aim of the framework which is hosted by the Linux Foundation is to provide a standard and open source implementation so devices and services will be able to work together regardless of who makes them.

“The ability for devices and machines to communicate will unleash a whole new world of technology innovation. Open source software and collaborative development are the building blocks to get us there,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “IoTivity is an exciting opportunity for the open source community to help advance this work.”

As a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, IoTivity is governed by an independent steering group that liaises with the OIC. The project is open to all and includes RESTful-based APIs. It is expected to be available in various programming languages for a variety of operating systems and hardware platforms. In the next few months, the consortium will develop and release a 1.0 standard specification. At the same time, the IoTivity project will release a full open-source implementation of that specification.

Another remarkable project is AllSeen Alliance‘s framework. AllSeen is a similar nonprofit consortium dedicated to enabling and driving the widespread adoption of products, systems and services that support the Internet of Everything with members like LG, Microsoft, Sharp and Qualcomm. AllSeen Alliance’s framework is also Linux Foundation based. 

It seems like the IoT stays exciting not just from a device and hardware point of view!

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