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Is Keecker the Perfect Robot For You?

Keecker is a small robot looking like a relative of R2D2. It has been developed by a French start-up in order to make your home a whole lot smarter and to help you to get rid of your TV, stereo system, weather station and security cameras! Let’s take closer look at the little piece of high-tech and find out if it is for you.

The ambitious project to build what the company calls the “world’s first homepod” received more than a quarter million dollars of funding through Kickstarter. The team behind Keecker has developed a little robot available for pre-ordering now which is equipped with WiFi, one terabyte local storage, a 360° panoramic camera, a 90° orientable smart-projector, 3D surround sound system and several sensors. The autonomously moving device runs on Android OS and holds a big battery pack which powers Keecker for several days without the need to recharge.

So what can this little robot do for you?

It can play your favourite movies

…by throwing a 40″ picture on every flat, white surface from the walls in your living room to your refrigerator in the kitchen from only 2 feet distance. Keecker’s projector is very quiet and can move to project pictures also on your floor or ceiling. In addition the LED powered light source gives the system approximately 20,000 hours of life time.


It can play your favourite songs

…via the built in 360° surround sound system. These speakers can also be used during (video) calls. If you prefer to use your own speakers Keecker can also send music to them via Bluetooth.


It can be your eyes and ears

…whenever you’re away from home. The small robot enables you to check on your kids using the built in video camera and microphone and can alert you when it detects movement in your apartment. Keecker can further sense the environment to provide you with data about air quality, temperature and humidity just like a weather station.



It can move autonomously

The first time you start Keecker in your home it will draw a map of your apartment using its camera and sensors. You can see the map on your smartphone and name the different rooms in order to command the little pal to come where you need it by a simple tap.


Is Keecker a breakthrough in consumer robotics?

Yes and No.

Yes, it is a great device which really holds a lot of exciting stuff. It can use almost all apps available on the Google PlayStore making it a versatile multimedia system. In addition it packs state of the art high-tech features like sensors for temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2,ultrasounds, infrared, light, accelerometer and more as well as wireless charging.

No, because it has some drawbacks like the “only” HD-ready solution of the projector, the missing capability to climb stairs making it less practical for homes with more than one floor and the price of €3000.

So to put it in a nutshell: Keecker is a huge step forward for personal robotics and definitely going way beyond the common consumer robots like vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers. Even though the prize tag is justified by a lot of high-tech features it will take time for the masses to accept that they can use such a device instead of their beloved TVs and stereo systems. However the highly successful Kickstarter campaign shows that there is a potential market.
It will be exciting to see what Keecker can do as soon as developers start to come up with custom apps for the “home pod”.

Is it for you?

So to answer our question: Keecker is for everyone who loves tech and wants to be at the pulse of what comes next. Or in other words: If you bought the first iPhone and loved it follow this link to pre-order Keecker now.