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Le Connected Camp Is Going Into The Next Round

Le Connected Camp startups

A touch of a pioneering spirit went through the office rooms in French Toulouse about a year ago, when Le Connected Camp opened the application period for start-ups for the first time. But it was actually the French start-up incubator that was initiated to support other young innovators, start-up companies and entrepreneurs getting started with their businesses. However, from the very beginning the signs were promising too. Thus Le Connected Camp, part of the IoT Valley, is able to look back on a successful year and will head into the “second round” with great confidence.

Out of over 100 applications from 16 countries 8 startups with the potential to disrupt the IoT market have been chosen last year to participate in the first accelerator program of Le Connected Camp. The selected companies were not only offered free office space in the camp to work on their solutions and develop their businesses further. Established technology companies like Intel, Sigfox, SNCF, AG2R or EBV Elektronik, as partners of Le Connected Camp, offered their expertise in different areas. With their support they provide a great ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

As a partner of such an ecosystem it makes you proud to be part of such an accelerator program. People with great ideas and established companies come together and develop devices that might have the potential to change the world. After nine months of mentorship, support and hard work, some astonishing developments have emerged. The first batch of Le Connected Camp came to an end and the result is really positive.

Numbers speak for themselves: Five companies signed contracts with big companies, 3.5M€ of fundraising could be achieved, 1 Kickstarter that ends at around 120% and one of the start-ups went to the Y Combinator, an American seed accelerator. Very pleasing and a nice affirmation for all parties involved are the 4 successful product industrialisations (stay tuned for more updates to come soon). They are all leaving the acceleration program to take their own offices in the IoT Valley. The guys from Le Connected Camp itself stepped back to review the past year. Office space was doubled, batteries recharged and so they were ready to prepare everything for the next batch.

Up until November 2016, applicants were able to submit their ideas. In a pitch session the jury just recently decided about the 8 companies that could move into the next round of the program: ANISEN, AWACLOUD, EHTECH, ITHYLO, MOONA, PANGÉE, SENSINOV and SUNBIRDS are the companies that will appreciate the advantages of the start-up accelerator. During the upcoming nine months they will get support in the development of their products and visions. Le Connected Camp partners like EBV Elektronik will provide business contacts, mentorship in terms of strategy, but also support in designing boards or choosing the right electronic components. Our long-lasting experience in areas of the Internet of Things, like sensor technology, data preparation and data processing, connectivity or security will again be helpful.

Good luck to all companies participating in the accelerator program. We are looking forward to future collaborations.

If you run a technology start-up company too, or wish to establish one, don’t hesitate to get in touch here. Maybe you will be one of the participants in the next batch at Le Connected Camp. Let’s shape the connected future together!