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Let’s Introduce Arion – The Next EBV IoT Hero

IWC_Winner_EBV IoT Hero Arion

It’s been a couple of days now since the winner of the 10th IoT/WT Innovation World Cup have been announced. Representatives of the finalist used their chance and gave all they got during the final pitch on stage. Three minutes time during that they had to convince the jury of their products, prototypes and solutions. And the winners took it all.

International Submissions

More than 500 submission from over 45 countries the Innovation World Cup competition series, largest open innovation platform worldwide that supports breakthrough innovations to become reality, received this time during the course of the past year. And it has to be mentioned that only real products and prototypes were permitted, just a simple solution idea was not enough! And so to select the finalists for each of the 10 categories was already a hard decision. Only the best could survive. Even harder it was then for the jury members to decide which company should win the category price. So it was often a neck-to-neck race between the contestants.  

Andrew Statham, Co-founder & CEO at Arion (center) together with Thomas Staudinger, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA at EBV (right), and Markus Vogt, Director Healthcare & Personal Devices at EBV (left)

Pitch and Award Ceremony

The IoT/WT Innovation World Cup Pitch & Award Ceremony that took place on February 5th on the ISPO fairground in Munich attracted many people. Curious to see which top techpreneurs to watch out for in 2019, they followed the product presentations with great interest. The lucky winners of the categories Industry, Healthcare, Sport & Fitness, Gaming & Lifestyle were announced before the special prizes were given. Among them was the EBV IoT Hero. The winner awaited the chance to work with EBV’s StartmeUp team and a cash-prize of 10.000€.

EBV IoT Hero

Arion with their smart insoles for running shoes was able to convince the jury and became the next EBV IoT Hero. The Dutch company provides a solution for runners that is supposed to help them reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Arion’s pressure-sensitive insoles measure the interaction between the runner’s foot and the ground. The movement of the body will be tracked by footpods that are equipped with a multi-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, bluetooth and GPS. Communicating with the ARION app the system will then help runners to improve the running technique through real-time audio feedback while running. Finally you will be able to run faster, longer and safer.

Video: ARION Smart Insole: Transform your running technique

Congratulations to Arion!

If you also want to participate with your product or prototype in the next edition of the Innovation World Cup Series, you ca do so here. The registration is already open, and participation is for free. Maybe you will be the next EBV IoT Hero and will be awarded next year? Good luck!