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The Different Shades of… – Lighting Influences Our Shopping Experience

Mostly women certainly know what we are talking about when we say that shopping clothes is not a necessity but rather entertainment or amusement nowadays. Especially in the high-price sector many retail shops start to invest in opportunities to showcase their goods in a special light exactly for this reason. And in fact 70 percent of the purchase decisions happen in the store. So a pleasant surrounding can be decisive for the retailer.

We live in times when online shopping becomes more and more popular. According to the Trade Association Germany B2C, e-commerce sales will reach approximately record-breaking 50 billion Euro in 2017 in Germany. Traditional commerce consequently is in a tight spot and needs to be more attractive to the consumer. Shop designer meanwhile break totally new ground which of course goes along with new technology developments.

Shopping With all Senses

The first impression, which is the optical perception in almost all instances, is essential. So the correct lighting at the forefront plays a pivotal role. But also sound, smell, touch and taste influence the buying decision. Experts believe that a holistic approach results in an overall pleasant atmosphere and makes the shopping experience a sensory one. But let’s keep the spot on the lighting aspect.

Layers of Light

The main light source for a store is general or ambient lighting, which provides diffuse background lighting and enough light to make one’s way around. LEDils’s dark lighting concept, for instance, creates a unique atmosphere with black reflectors. Only the effect of light and not the source itself is visible, which leads to less spill light but at the same time higher intensities compared to metallized reflectors. Furthermore, perimeter lighting is typically used to light vertical surfaces and walls. Located behind the merchandise area it is more reduced than the accent light directly on the goods. With accent and display lighting retailers can highlight the most important merchandise and guide the clients through the shop. The products stand out from the rest because of more intense lighting contrasts. Last but not least façade or shop window lighting encourages potential clients to enter the shop or not. Needless to say that an effectively lit shop window attracts more people to take a closer look.

Fitting Rooms of the Future

Depending on the purpose, different areas within the store need different kinds of lighting solutions. But retail shop designers even think of steps further ahead. One of the hot trends in high-end retail lighting are body scanners. The German company Vitronic developed a 3D body scanner that captures accurate body measurements. The scanner features Osram’s LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges. Imagine there’s such a scanner in your smart fitting room. You will never choose the wrong size again. Once you’ve found the right dress, smart mirrors help you to find out how you will look like in different settings, such as in your favourite nightclub, restaurant in the sunset or normal daylight. Simply change the colour of light with a push on a button.

Boring clothing store presumably belong to the past soon. Designers have to think of new features and gadgets in order to keep up with the growing e-commerce market. New developments within the lighting sector hereby give support.

So don’t hesitate to speak to our lighting experts about the latest trends and visions. Reach out to us and contact us here. Let there be light.