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A Recap of Lighting Technology 2017 Trade Fair

Lighting Technology Essen

The new fair Lighting Technology ended with a positive feedback of most of the exhibitors (impressions on Flickr). As intended designers and developers of lighting solutions came together to obtain insights in new technologies like LEDs, LED modules, LED drivers, optics, smart lighting, connectors and wiring, heat sinks, measurement equipment and simulation software.

More than 70 suppliers for the lighting industry exposed on the fair ground. This attracted above 900 visitors during the three days of opening of fair and technical talks and workshops from October 10th to 12th in Essen. EBV exhibited together with Ledil, ON Semiconductors, Samsung and STMicroelectronics.

Ledil as optics specialist focuses especially on COBs and LED modules. Moreover, optics for street lighting and horticulture have been exposed.

ON Semiconductor exhibited on Power over Ethernet (PoE), KNX, its Internet development kits and direct LED driver ICs.

Samsung showcased on high efficiency SMD Midpower LEDs and COBs. The quality of light which new special color COBs is in focus. Together with chip scale package (CSP) and high power LEDs Samsung offers the complete solid state Lighting LEDs. Moreover Samsung’s smart lighting platform provides connectivity for two channel drivers for human centric lighting.

ST presented Time of flight (ToF) sensors and LED driver ICs . ToF sensors allow for gesture recognition and presence sensing for smart luminaires.

Lighting Technology Essen
The EBV booth at Lighting Technology 2017 in Essen

EBV shows lighting and optoelectronic trends

The EBV Lightspeed team focused on future lighting and optoelectronic trends. We build up our own LoRaWAN (low power wide area network = LPWAN) to control exposed street lamp demos (Also other protocols like NB-IoT, Sigfox,.. are supported). A smart street lamp demo with radar and E-Charger was available, too. UV-C LEDs for disinfection and sterilization where shown together with a scientific study.

Special driver solutions from ST with 50W Laser driver or drivers for automotive matrix headlamps from ON Semiconductors were presented on our booth. Furthermore, biometrics as optoelectronics solutions have been represended with a palm veine scanner.

Retail was not only addressed with the special colors but also the booth tables have been illuminated with the High CRI fashion type COB Spots. Moreover, an indoor positioning demonstrator of Osram Einstone was showcased, too.

All together we were happy the big amount of valuable deep technical discussions at the booth and we are looking forward to welcoming you at the next fair on October 9th – 11th, 2018 in Essen again.

(Cover image source: Lighting Technology)