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Luke Roberts Smart Lamp is a True IoT Hero

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp

Yesterday was the big day for the finalists of the Innovation World Cup 2017/18 Series. The pitch and award ceremony took place at the Wearable Technology Conference in Munich. For the first time the EBV IoT Hero was awarded. Promising start-ups were among the finalist, but like in every competition, there can only be one winner.

The selection criteria were demanding: Level of innovation, time-to-market, and commercial potential, technological feasibility, marketing approach and requested investments. After all, it was not only about a lot of money but also a lot of attention for the startups. The EBV IoT Hero got a special prize of 10.000 Euro cash. Reason enough for the techpreneurs that submitted their solutions (almost 940!) to hustle. In the end a company prevailed that developed a smart product for everybody’s home.

The Vienna based company Luke Roberts developed the world’s first truly smart lamp and the device really is an all-rounder. It’s not just a lamp but it can do a lot more than just illuminate rooms. You can create your own list of favourite light settings and animated dynamic light scenes. Furthermore you can use it as an alarm and get woken up by light. So far so good. With a smartphone app, which connects to the lamp via a Bluetooth low energy wireless connection, there’s the possibility to move the light where you need it. This is being realized by directional lighting technology.

Luke Roberts founders
The founders of Luke Roberts: Lukas Pilat and Robert Kopka (Image: Luke Roberts)

What does make the lamp really smart is that it learns from people’s behaviour too. Smart algorithms learn their lighting preferences over time and the lamp automatically provides the best light settings each time you switch on the lamp. An infrared presence detection sensor ensures that the light switches on whenever someone enters the room. The annoying search for the switch in the dark finally has an end. By the way, your conventional light switch becomes smart too, because it can be used to control the light scene. Isn’t that the coolest of the world?

Luke Roberts smart lamp, finally, captivates through excellent quality of light. Over 16 million colours create a cosy atmosphere with glare-free indirect lighting. Tuneable white ranging from 2.700K to 4.000K provide up to 3000 Lumen downlight and up to 1200 Lumen when the lamp is used as uplight.

To put it in a nutshell, Luke Roberts smart lamp is not just a lamp but a high-tech system that allows people to adjust the light to their personal tastes easily controlled on a smartphone. Times are over when you need a variety of lamps to illuminate the different corners of a room.

Cover Image: Luke Roberts