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Make the Next Big Thing in Wearable Tech with Shimmer

Wearable technology is more than a trend within the IoT. Sensors which are attached to the human body can deliver important information and data on movement, vital signs as well as emotions. Shimmer, an expert in sensing technology, is driven by the goal to support companies that are working on an idea for a wearable and to simplify the design process.

The success of electronics worn on the body depends on three key areas. First of all the functionality has to deliver benefits and create real value for the customer. Secondly it is very important that the device is designed to be comfortable to wear and to look either inconspicuous or stylish. Las but not least you need to present and store data in an easy to understand way and make it accessible for the right person(s) and on the right devices.

These three steps can be translated into three fields of competences a company needs to build to develop a wearable: Hardware engineering, design and haptics engineering as well as software and cloud engineering. Putting together a team which is capable of developing such a device is therefore a complex task. Even if you manage this challenge the development can take up a lot of time and money.
However the market for wearables offers incredible possibilities, definitely good enough to justify investments.


Shimmer, a specialist for wireless sensing from Dublin, Ireland, is pioneering in wearable sensor technology and solutions in order to support third parties when developing wearables.

The Shimmer development kits have proven to be capable of delivering precise data when used in versatile application areas. In a recent case study Shimmer products have been used to train golfers by analysing the techniques and movements during the tee-off. The result showed that wearable sensor technology can accelerate the learning curve significantly.
Other case studies have proven the high capabilities of Shimmer’s solutions in experiments measuring human emotion with several wearable sensors.


Shimmer sensors have been used to optimise the learning curve of golfers

The portfolio includes hardware and software products as well as additional services from customised products to complete wearable sensing solutions. The development kits within the Shimmer3 platform provide a complete development environment for Bluetooth or local storage in body worn applications with integrated 9 DoF + altimeter inertial sensing via accel, gyro and mag, each with selectable range. Additional features can be added for example with the GSR+ unit (Galvanic Skin Response), ECG unit (Electrocardiogram) or the EMG unit (Electromyography). There are also expansion boards and add ons which you can find here.


Shimmer3: is the smallest, slimmest and most robust wearable wireless sensor created by Shimmer

To complete the solutions Shimmer offers different kinds of software for developers. The Consensys software, a multi sensor management system, as well as some other tools are available for free.

In combination with Shimmer’s services it is astonishingly easy to start the development of a new wearable device. Seems like it’s time to get creative!