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The Monica AN24 is a Wearable for Pregnant Women

Monica Healthcare specialises on highly innovative wireless healthcare technology, providing wearable medical devices that accurately monitor fetal and maternal well-being. Monica’s existing AN24 product – a unique, FDA approved, wireless fetal-maternal monitor for use during labour – is sold in the USA, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India and China and is used to monitor the delivery of over 100,000 babies every year. 


The patented technology is based on the acquisition of electro-physiological signals that can be passively detected by electrodes positioned on the maternal abdomen. From these signals a number of a parameters including fetal position, fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate, uterine activity, gross fetal movements and parameters describing Fetal ECG morphology can be extracted, in real time, and over an extended period of time.

The central device of the UK based company’s labour and delivery monitoring, home care and research solutions is the AN24 which uses ECG electrodes placed on the abdomen to monitor the fetal ECG, maternal ECG and uterine EMG; and a powerful internal processor extracts in real time the FHR, MHR and UA waveform validated against fetal scalp electrode, SpO2 and IUPC.



The IF24, a CTG Interface Device for the AN24, connects to it via Bluetooth receiving all data from the Monica AN24, worn by the pregnant women. The IF24 plugs directly into the front panel DECG and TOCO inputs on the installed CTG; this allows the printing of the FHR and UA traces and central station connectivity, as if you were using conventional transducers, reducing the learning and training period normally associated with the introduction of new equipment.

The additional Monica VS program allows users to view and print reports of the real-time and stored FHR, MHR and UA monitoring data from the Monica AN24 as well as to display real-time analysis of the FHR and more data.

The company recently collected approx. $3 million in an new investment round for a second generation wireless fetal monitor.

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