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Mood Lighting – The Aircraft Experience

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When adding mood lighting, for instance at home, the key is to create layered lighting. It is not about replacing your existing lighting scheme but adding layers to it. All rooms require a layer of bright light for practical reasons, the next layer should be your focused task lighting, and the third is the softer lighting for ambiance. With the latest LED technology, it is now possible to create ambient or mood lighting in many places by introducing colour.

How light affects our emotions

If you’ve ever spent a long day working under bight fluorescent office lights then you might have a clue how much lighting can affect your feelings, mood, and even energy level. Researches indicate that these effects are typically intensified in accordance with the intensity of the light. Therefore, the harsher the light, the more intense the emotional response it triggers will be. With colour changing LED bulbs or strips we can set the mood for every occasion, show personality and creative flair.

Yellow light for example helps create intimacy and a perfect setting for a relaxing cosy atmosphere, whereas red light evokes emotions of passion and love. With blue light you can stay relaxed in the bedroom because it promotes calm and serenity. Green light symbolises nature and represents tranquillity and freshness and you can add vitality to any space with introducing a green hue in your lighting.

Mood lighting for Aircraft cabins

Some innovative major airliners are putting the power of LED mood lighting to good use because they understood that calm and well-rested passengers are more likely to report being satisfied with their flight. Different types of lighting can have a tremendous impact on the way you feel during and after your next flight. The artificially lengthening or shortening the perception of the day with the help of light can help people feel at ease.

More airlines are choosing to install LED lighting throughout the cabin in order to take advantage of the effects that mood lighting can have on passengers. LED light burns softer than incandescent, is more durable, and can be configured in millions of different colours. By carefully manipulating these qualities, airlines can create a cabin environment that leaves passengers feeling calmer, more refreshed, and more energized.

This mood-lighting capability arises from new light–emitting diode (LED) technologies that airlines offer on their latest aircraft models. It’s a scenario to provide a “welcome area” where passengers board the plane, featuring an illuminated LED panel with highly customizable displays. Also dozens of light settings can be chosen, aligned with stages of a long-haul flight. As an example, as night falls during flight, a roughly 20-minute “sunset” in the cabin can be designed.

Can LED lighting reduce jetlag?

Some airlines worked together with sleep experts and experiment with specific wavelengths of cabin lighting which encourage the body’s product of the hormone melatonin. This in turn drives the circadian rhythms of the body clock. As a result different tailored LED lighting schemes for each route and geared towards promoting sleep and wakefulness at the appropriate times can be used to subtly revitalize the body and making the flight less stressful for the passengers.

mood lighting aircraft

For example, traveling eastbound on an evening flight there can be a colour shift from bright fuschia to passive mauve to soothing royal purple, in concert with the fading light outside. At night, the airline uses an entirely different light setting designed to permit maximum visibility without interfering with sleep.

LED lighting technology will likely continue to become more sophisticated and inexpensive, allowing even more carriers to jump on the bandwagon. Some lighting experts have even begun working directly with aircraft manufacturers to develop more intuitive lighting cues that will help ward off jet lag on long transcontinental and intercontinental routes. The lighting adjustments can help artificially lengthen or shorten a passenger’s perception of the day so their perceived time matches more closely with the actual time at their destination.Through the use of innovative lighting cures and various colours, it’s possible to induce a wide range of human responses and emotions, and carriers are well on their way to crafting a new kind of flight experience with the help of light.

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Author: Stephane Pinquier, Business Development Manager at EBV Elektronik