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My Oops Is Your Smartphone’s New Best IoTerrific Friend

Forgetting stuff is easy. Finding missing things isn’t. Searching for lost items actually takes up an average of one year during our life. There are good news though, as My Oops, a little Bluetooth enabled tag from a French startup, is on its way to safe us a lot of time and headaches.

There are quite some lost-and-found tags out there on the market already, however the product from My Oops seems to have an edge over them with some cool additional features.


Quick overview on the helpful features of My Oops

The tiny tag measures 3,6 cm diameter and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. As you would expect you can trigger an alarm which makes the tag flash and ring in order to locate smaller items like keys, glasses, USB drives and others. Surprisingly this works also the other way round – have your keys but don’t know where you left your phone? You could call it but what if it is in silent mode? Press on one of your My Oops and it will ring!

The next cool feature is something special for all those of you who drive a newer model car which comes with “keyless go”. While starting your car without having to remove your key from your pocket is great it is often not really comfortable to keep the key in your trousers while sitting. Which is why most drivers remove it and place it somewhere in the car. Chances are that you’ll forget to take the key with you after parking your car and leave it in your unlocked vehicle at some point. My Oops solves this problem!

Just fix one of the tags on your car key and set up an alarm for it in the My Oops app in order to get notified in case you move to far away from your keys. This can be accomplished up to a distance of 50 meters which should work perfectly for most of us. You can park your car, walk away and your phone will send an alarm reminding you of your keys while at home if you leave your keys next to the entrance door and go up to your bedroom the alarm will most likely not turn on – except you do own a really huge house.

Get an impression on how this feature works in the little clip below: 

There are two other really helpful features on the My Oops. You can geolocate them via GPS which makes it quite easy to find them wherever you left them. Further you can use the tags to trigger photos of your phone’s camera; the modern selfie-makers dream.

The My Oops will be released soon – stay up-to-date on the versatile little tag on the My Oops website and the companies LinkedIn feed.