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New EBVchip Maia targets Smart Metering and Smart Grid

The new EBVchip Maia, which was revealed to the press during the second day of the embedded World 2015 last week has been launched. The wireless sub-GHz module features a proven M-Bus and OMS stack.

The RF-module comes in a compact size with just 15 mm x 14 mm for SMD mounting and is completely shielded. In combination with 1.8 – 3.8 V supply voltage, ultra low power modes, conformity to EU R&TTE directive and equipped with wireless M-Bus EN13757-4:2013 and OMS stack with application examples for several kind of meters Maia is good fit for he AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) smart metering and smart grid infrastructure.

The module’s low power consumption is achieved with STM’s ultra-low power microcontroller STM 32L05 and SPIRIT1, the low power Sub-GHz data rate transceiver. Also on board is an ultra-miniature balun, BALF-SPI-01D3 matching SPIRIT1 and supporting the connection to an external antenna, therefore saving space and cost.In addition, Maia includes an industry proven wireless M-Bus and OMS-layer to OMS 3.X and OMS 4.X specifications.  As the user can integrate their region-specific application layer there is no need for an external host controller.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 09.05.24

Maia complements the existing EBVchips consisting out of Vesta (wireless sub-GHz module for IP500 mesh networks), Epona (automotive alternator regulator), Titan (robust industrial pressure sensor), Minerva (multi-channel programmable pre-driver for automotive injectors and industrial solenoids) and Hermas (M-Bus transceiver for smart metering).


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