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No Mom, It’s Not A Tattoo It’s A Tech Tat From The Doctor!

Are tech tats the next big thing in healthcare? They could be – at least if you believe Chaotic Moon a company known for highly innovative thinking and ideas.

The bunch of creative minds recently released a video in which it introduces “tech tats”. These are smart little tattoos which consist out of conductive paint (seems like they are using the ink from our friends at Bare Conductive for prototypes) and several chips.

Different setups, designs and tattoos make it possible to “glue” applications directly on your skin. The tattooed devices can monitor your health and vital body signs and send them directly to your smartphone. This approach isn’t exactly new as we have seen a lot of smart, sensor-enabled patches ever since the CES in January. However the cool design and incredibly small layout of the tech tats could be a real argument for customers to take a look at the idea.

Chaotic Moon sees some more application scenarios like storing sensitive information like credit cards on the tattoos.

Maybe we will get tattooed by our doctors and bankers in the future…