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Nuimo – This Is How To Control The IoT!

Smart lights, thermostats, refrigerators, locks… how many connected devices do you have? 10? 20? Even more? All of those things require getting your smartphone out of your pocket, swiping over the screen, entering your password to unlock it and then opening an app to control them. In some cases you can also use a switch or button on the device which is not really what you want to do when you payed for a “smart” and connected thing.


Smart Controller “Nuimo” from Senic

Don’t worry there is a solution: smart controllers. And the smartest we have seen so far just finished its Kickstarter campaign with massive success guaranteeing we are actually just a short time away from taking back control over all our devices. Nuimo from the Berlin based start-up Senic uses capacitive touch, gesture recognition and a 360 degree analog ring that gives you precise control over everything from the volume of your music to switching off your lights.

Senic, who ran an Indiegogo campaign before with great success collecting more than five times of the original goal writes on their blog that in order to ship more and better products, to gain more user input, to integrate more functionality and to help to bring Kickstarter to Germany they decided to run another campaign. Looking at the numbers it was very good decision.

Nuimo is built on an open platform which helps developers to create integration for all kinds of apps and devices. So far you can already use a range of stuff with the smart controller including Nest thermostats, Philips Hue smart lights, Wemo smart locks, Spotify, Soundcloud, Netflix and more. The LED matrix on the face of the device lets you change apps quickly or even display a timer app in the kitchen.


Setting up Nuimo in the app

A stand-out feature is also the possible use as controller for your laptop. Nuimo enables you to work with the full Adobe Suite allowing you to adjust settings more precisely using the analog ring and to scroll through videos frame by frame. In addition you can use it during presentations, skipping slides by simply swiping over it (with or with out even touching Nuimo).

Taking a look at the tech specs, Senic equips its smart controller with everything that you would expect from a modern IoT device: Bluetooth Low Energy, 4 months batter life and a rechargeable lipo battery, programmable LED dot matrix all wrapped in beautifully designed aluminium and scratch resistant polycarbonate.

Senic collected nearly  four times of the original Kickstarter goal of €55,00 and aims to ship the final products in October 2015. It seems likely that the young company will achieve this ambitious timeline as Nuimo is designed and manufactured exclusively in Germany.

It’s too late to back the project on Kickstarter but we are optimistic that Senic will soon make the great IoT controller available on the homepage – so make sure to check out their website to stay updated!

  1. Roger Gardner

    I live in the UK and am a fully qualified Heating Environmental Engineer.
    can you go a bit further than just a remote thermostat.

    • Hi Roger, what exactly do you mean by go a bit further? Nuimo is a wireless connected device that can be utilized to interact with a number of other devices and applications. Technical details are not be dislcosed at this time. But there is some further information on the company’s website and their blog:
      Senic Website:
      Senic Blog:

      Let us know if you want to know more!

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