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Oculus Rift @ CES 2015 – Complete Immersion into Entertainment!

If you have ever gotten the chance to play a game with the Oculus Rift you know what we are talking about: complete immersion into games! Racing games get so real that you move around with your whole body as the virtual reality (VR) glasses soak you into another world.

Strolling a long CES 2015 we discovered something exceptional! At their booth the young company showed their deep understanding of their target group: They move their bodies? Let’s support them. Gaming-freedom redefined! Watch the video below how.


The gamer is now able to move his feet on a moving disc to steer through the virtual world creating an even more realistic and exciting experience! We can’t wait to see what is next.

Besides the great new gaming features Oculus Rift powers the new Samsung Gear VR which was also topic of Samsung’s CES Appearance. According to the company the “Gear VR Innovator Edition, the first development kit for Gear VR, is now available for purchase online at samsung.com for developers in the US (with additional regions to follow).”
Based on this statement we can hope to see the cool device in stores in the near future.

The experience will be even more complete with the upcoming Oculus Audio SDK which uses Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) technology in conjunction with the Rift’s head tracking to achieve a sense of true 3D audio spatialisation. HRTFs simulate the changes to a sound when it reaches your head from a point in space. It does this by referencing data that represents changes that would happen to a sound coming from that direction. There is data for hundreds of points around your head, and the software smooths the audio between those points for a natural sound, regardless of head or sound source position.

If you are in Las Vegas and you have some spare time in between meetings, presentations and gambling make sure to visit the Oculus booth in the South Hall, #26002 for some fun electronics!

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