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OMS Conference – Next Step Towards A Greener Future

We want to go green, we want to take control of our expenses and we want to do it with minimal effort. For energy, gas and water in our homes this means employing smart meters. However before it is possible to unlock all possibilities of smart metering and intelligent gas, heat, water and energy distribution on a bigger scale it is vitally important to craft a capable metering standard.

The OMS Group, a community of interest of associations, therefore developed the open metering system (OMS) specification which is an open, vendor independent standard for communication interfaces and basic requirements for modern metering technology. The OMS specification is the only one based on M-Bus (EN 13757-x ) enabling communication of consumer meters with parent control units while being system and manufacturer independent. Together with industries experts such as EBV the standards of the OMS Group are constantly improved and adapted according to market needs. During yesterdays OMS Conference in Aachen, Germany the members of the group met to discuss future trends, legal and technical frameworks for sustainable metering, M-Bus and OMS experiences in practice as well as data security within OMS.


EBV participated the conference joining the the discussion on how to develop and accelerate the design process of smart meters which comply to the OMS standards. The EBVchips program contributes to the solution of this challenge with “Maia” and “Hermes“, two technologies tailored to the needs of the European metering market which have also been showcased on our booth during the event.


Maia is a single embedded low cost wireless M-Bus RF Module developed specially for the AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) smart metering and smart grid infrastructure where the Wireless M-Bus standard (EN13757-4) and OMS standards are used.

Hermes is a M-Bus Transceiver reducing power consumption, meeting the M-Bus specifications in full and offering space reduction, lower cost and additional functions that enable a range of attractive new designs.

With these two EBVchips it is possible to dramatically cut down design time and costs of metering applications.

The OMS Conference helped to align strategies of all OMS partners and members and to increase the awareness for the need for new technologies which fulfil legal and technical conditions in the future. Intelligent metering is an important pillar of the overall goal to reduce our ecological footprint.
For any assistance and questions regarding the OMS standards, compliant products, technologies and design support don’t hesitate to contact us via our Renewable Energies Microsite.