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ON Semiconductor Is Sensing The World And Beyond

Sensing IoT Technology

A couple of months ago already we introduced our current campaign we are running with our manufacturing partner ON Semiconductor. It’s objective is to bring you closer to the buzzing topic of the Internet of Things (IoT), and provide you examples where the IoT meets the real world. The article’s focus was on connectivity, which is one of the fundamentals to make the IoT happen. According to Gartner, every day about 5.5 million devices will be connected.

Nevertheless, devices only being connected to each other will not yet make the IoT happen. There are other fields and components required. There has to be a stream of information and data that can be processed by the devices. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index (GCI), the data created by IoT devices globally in 2019 will be 269 times greater than the data being transmitted to data centres from end-user devices and 49 times higher than total data centre traffic. But where does the information come from? They have to be generated by other components that also play a substantial role for the realisation of the IoT. Surely we are talking about sensing here.

Choose The Right Sensing Solution

Depending on the type of information needed to perform a certain functionality or run a feature on the IoT device, different kinds of sensors come into play. There are sensor solutions that give connected devices the ability to fully understand their environment. This includes temperature, humidity, proximity, pressure, motion or touch. ON Semiconductor offers the LC717A00AR IC, which is a high performance, low cost capacitance-digital-converter LSI for electrostatic touch sensor. It has 8 channels capacitance-sensor input. The built-in logic circuit can detect the state (ON/OFF) of each input and output the result. This makes it ideal for various switch applications. Another product is the NCS36000, a passive infrared detector controller, which will be applied in automatic lighting, automation of door or video security.

Sensing Beyond the World

Often described as the “Eyes of the Internet of Things” are image sensors. ON Semiconductor is currently part of a NASA mission, which is exploring Jupiter. The orbiter “Juno” is aiming to better understand the beginnings of our solar system by revealing the origin and evolution of Jupiter. The JunoCam, a camera able to capture data in four separate wavelength bands, is equipped with the ON Semiconductor KAI-2020 image sensor. Being part of this missions demonstrates the company’s strength in the area of image sensors.

Sensors Applied In Different Scenarios

Not only in space but also down at earth, ON Semiconductor is well positioned to serve the demanding imaging needs of the Internet of Things. The Aptina AR0331 for instance is a 3.1-megapixel sensor created to meet the needs of the growing full HD video-centric surveillance market. Also CMOS image sensors, like the PYTHON, come into play in automotive applications. They significantly contribute to safety here being applied in driver monitoring. Furthermore, they are used in more generic industrial scenarios. Watch the video to learn more:

On our campaign website you will find even more information about the collaboration between EBV and ON Semiconductor with regard to the Internet of Things. There is also a free webinar available, which gives you an overview of ON Semiconductor’s Sub-1 GHz wireless connectivity solutions for the IoT.  You can also contact us here, to get more support with your IoT project.