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PIQ Is Your Chance To Improve In Golf, Tennis & Other Sports

Ok, this is probably not the first wearable for sports that you read about. However PIQ, a small technology-packed clip, offers some incredible new features which lift sport trackers to a new level.

The evolution doesn’t come with a ton of new stuff never seen in a wearable before; which is good. Instead PIQ takes the best and most essential electronic components of mobile sports devices and combines them in a redefined and efficient way.

The small multi-sport sensor weighs only 9.8 grams, measures 44 x 38 mm and is 5.4 mm thin. PIQ integrates the latest sensor technology, NFC, BLE and cutting edge micro processing technology. Further the sports gadget incorporates a 13 axes gyroscope and accurately measures performance metrics such as velocity, height, air time, G force, amplitude, trajectory and others.

Sensor PIQ-exploded-01

Sensors, processor and connectivity features packed in an ultra-slim housing

The unique thing about PIQ is that it is not meant to track only one specific sport but can be adapted and worn in different places in order to deliver precise and beneficial data during whatever activity you are up to. Therefore the device was also designed to be waterproof and can collect and store data points without being connected to a smartphone.

At the same time, if necessary, PIQ can support real time broadcast of meaningful data and display information instantly on a smartphone or on the built in LED display.


PIQ data for golfers in the app

The data collected by the sensors can be analysed within an app. Further you can customise and extend PIQ’s capabilities through additional hard- and software.

For tennis you can get a wristband to wear the tracker on the arm and can download a special app – both created in cooperation with the tennis brand Babolat. PIQ will help you to get a deeper understanding of each swing and game by analysing every shot.

Besides it also collects information about effective playing time, rate of strokes, activity and “PIQ Score” which makes it possible to compare your statistics and progression to friends and other players.

Want to use PIQ for golf? Well, then we have some terrific news for you! The device is not only a great and lightweight analyser for every swing and motion tracking. It is also compatible with Mobitee. This already very successful service offers maps and data for more than 35.000 golf courses world wide and works perfectly with PIQ. Ordering the golf bundle will add 18 NFC club identification tags and a clip to fasten the sensor to your golf glove to the standard PIQ sensor and mobile charging station.


PIQ in the charger for juicing the device up on the go

This enables you to use PIQ as a trainer telling you which club to choose, displaying the distance to the green and finding the perfect rhythm in each swing.

Stan Chapus, the CEO of Mobitee seems to be pretty enthusiastic about the new formed partnership: “Our customers are looking to use their Mobitee app without having to take their phone out of their pocket and PIQ offers that now. This new user experience connects golfers to their game like never before.”

PIQ which is based in Paris, France and recently received a $5.5M investment from Foxconn has already announced the support for other sports like skiing, basketball and more. So far you can order PIQ in tennis and golf editions here.

Get some insights on PIQ’s vision of connected sports sensors in this video with Scott Croyle, Board Advisor Design at PIQ.