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Platooning And Smart Farming Will Be The Future Of Construction and Agriculture Vehicles

Smart Agriculture

It’s the time of the year again when days are getting shorter and the sun is not so powerful anymore. High time for a special occupational group. Farmers are in their final throes harvesting their acres before they will be starting all over again tilling their fields for the next year. For sure there is still a massive amount of manual work needed for them, but high-tech has found its way into agriculture for quite some time already. Harvesting machines are getting more powerful, safer and more efficient. But also the profession as a farmer has changed already and will further change in the future.

Earlier this year in April world’s biggest trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles bauma took place in Munich, Germany. Just recently the 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles, a bi-annual heavyweight event in the automotive branch, pulled thousands of visitors and experts to Hannover in September. Manufacturers and technology companies again showcased their recent developments and trends. Commercial vehicles were in the focus of course, but also solutions for agricultural vehicles gathered people’s attention.

More Secure and Efficient Machinery

Under the keywords “productivity” and “safety” our supplier partner Infineon Technologies is working on driver assistance systems which can be used not only in cars, but also in agriculture vehicles. Radar systems, that are also reliable in harsh conditions, increase efficiency and safety of trucks, tractors, etc. Electronic and semiconductor solutions, such as microcontroller, power semiconductor and essentially senor technology, establish a basis for more efficient and safer vehicles. A pleasant side-effect is also a concurrent increase in comfort for the driver and operating staff.

Assistant Systems Enable Smart Farming

An ever rising number of people populating our planet increases the demand for energy plants. Only with the help of modern technology it is possible to keep the pace. Precision and Smart Farming are buzzing terms the moment and in times when the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly taking shape. Automation, digitisation, and electronic data transmission play a tremendous role already today. Platooning or (semi-)autonomous driving helps to reduce fuel consumption and consequently exhaust emission. Assistant systems are equipped with GPS, radar or WLAN.

Infineon Solutions for CAV

Modern vehicles are able to communicate with each other and so contribute to avoid accidents. More precisely, above mentioned radar systems are able to monitor the blind sport of truck, act as distance alert systems and even trigger emergency braking. Such radar systems are available for long-, mid-, and short-range applications. Due to the lower speed of CAV (Commercial, Construction & Agricultural Vehicles), the focus is here is on SRR (short-range-radar) and 24-GHz. Such a solution is offered by Infineon.

The Future of Harvesting

With regard to smart farming, experts think about how the future of agriculture is going to be, and if the work of a modern farmer will still be that of a “traditional countryman”. According to them, farmers will need to adopt to a new digitally connected machinery. So-called swarm technology could become ever more prevalent in the farming industry. This approach describes the interconnection of harvesting machines, which then work even more autonomous than today. But will a farmer’s area of responsibility change more towards a computer specialist in the future?

Frank-Steffen Russ, EBV Elektronik
Frank-Steffen Russ, EBV Elektronik

“I still see the farmer on the side of plants and animals, as a specialist for our food. However, digitisation helps to determine the ideal harvesting time with regard to the entire logistics chain and, on the other hand, to measure the actual yield. Nevertheless, as farmers have to master sensor technology and networking, they will have to adopt to the digitisation process”, says Frank-Steffen Russ, EBV Director Segment Automotive & HiRel, in an Interview.

Not only sensor technology, but also radar solutions, developed by semiconductor manufacturers like Infineon will play a crucial role for the future of farming. Technology that will make the harvesting process more efficient, more secure and more environmentally friendly.

Learn more about the joint Infineon and EBV offer with regard to solutions for commercial, construction & agricultural vehicles on our dedicated CAV website. If you are interested in learning more about the competencies of EBV in the automotive market, please visit our website or contact us directly here.

There will also be happening a free webinar on October 27th at 15:00 (BST) available online. Dr. Johannes Breitschopf (Technical Marketing Manager Europe Infineon Technologies AG) and Frank-Steffen Russ (Director Vertical Segment Automotive EMEA EBV Elektronik) will cover the topic “Automotive Power”. Please follow the link to register.