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Playertek is Your Personal Pep Guardiola

Football! It’s emotions, it’s drama and it’s passion. The team sport is popular on a global basis and there are uncountable amateur and professional teams with some traditional clubs being around for more than a century. On television football games offer more than 90 minutes of action: exciting heat maps, statistics and player data as well as advanced tools to analyse team and coaching strategies.
However, for non-pro players to keep track of their training and analysing their games is difficult. Finally someone solved this issue – Playertek, an Irish start-up developed a sophisticated device which allows for advanced statistics for every football and rugby game you play.

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The Playertek Pod

After fitness trackers for joggers, GPS Trackers for cyclists and sensors for weight lifting it was about time someone came up with a smart gadget for the 300 million active football players world-wide. Ronan Mac Ruairi and Kevin McDaid are the brains behind the smart system and count more than 50 years of experience in technology together. Recently the two made headlines when receiving a €1m investment from Danu Investment Partners and entrepreneur Brendan Gilmore.


Ronan Mac Ruairi and Kevin McDaid

Playertek is a small device packed with technology to perform almost 2500 measurements every second. The Playertek pod uses accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer sensors running at 400Hz as well as GPS running at 10Hz to analyse every part of your game and training from your physical performance through to your positional movement, it can even suggest training that will complement your strengths and improve weaker areas of your game.
Palyertek is based on a STMicroelectronics Cortex M4 processor and sports 8GB of storage as well as STMicroelectronics BlueNRG BLE technology. The software and electronics of the device have been developed and assembled in Ireland.

During the match the player wears the tracker between the shoulder blades in a small pocket of the special base-layer garment which is provided with the device. After a game you simply plug the USB cable into a laptop or PC and click a single button to sync your training or match data to your Playertek account (free for 1 year with each device).


Playertek special base-layer garment with pocket for the device

The data the football tracker delivers is accurate enough to outperform even current professional products and data is displayed in detailed tables and diagrams. Players can view their performance in heat maps similar to the analytics on television after a game and compare their performance directly to pro soccer players, team members and own statistics from previous games. All games and information can be tagged to players, matches and wins/loses which allows players and team managers to observe progress easily.

Data collected with Playertek can be shared with friends using the PLAYERTEK Friends web page which allows users to link with other users. The device provides information on the amount of calories (energy) a player burns, the number of power plays, the number of impacts, the player’s power output, intensity, the player’s location on the pitch and several other metrics.
Are you tiring after 60 minutes, is your running style changing or is your leg strength limiting your explosive running? Playertek can answer such questions and help you to optimise your training – no need to call Pep!

Just a couple days ago Playertek announced that some of the devices “are being sent for trial with some very well known faces” on the company’s Facebook page.

If you’re interested you can catch one of the first Playertek packages for €249 in the online shop with estimated shipping dates around mid-May.

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The Playertek package

With the Champions League semi-finals beginning today it sure will be interesting to compare your game to the player stats in the final on 6 June 2015!

  1. can playertek be used on a 7vs7 or 9vs9 football match

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