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PLDC 2015 In Rome Sheds Light On Lighting Technology!

Here is the thing about last week’s Professional Lighting Designers Convention (PLDC) 2015 in Rome: If you missed it, that’s bad news for you. Why? Firstly, the conference created for the global lighting design market is biannual – which means you need to wait 2 years for the next event. Secondly, it has been so good I’d dare to say it was an unique experience. To give you at least a little comfort I have summarized some highlights here (you might want to listen to Stereo MC’s Song Connected which was the theme song of the conference while reading this to get into the right mood…).

The 70(!) presentations which have been held during the three-day event where supported by various experience rooms such as “CoreSee”, “Modeling Daylight”, “Urban Lightscape”, “Light Therapy”, “iLIGHT and Mirror of Introspection” in which visitors could participate in interactive presentations. Reggiani used such a facility for the stunning “Lighting – How it all began” demonstration which has been designed by Consuline. During this session the history of lighting fixtures, from Roman oil lamps over candle holders and paraffin lamps to modern SSL lighting including early types of stereoscopes like that invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838 have been presented.

EBV Lightspeed presents a vision of the future of lighting tech

EBV’s booth was less about the past but featured some visionary demos addressing future technology trends.


EBV’s CoB LED lighting fashion retail shelf demonstration 

The picture above shows a CoB LED lighting fashion retail shelf featuring Osram’s Soleriq S19 brilliant white and brilliant color versions as well as Osram Duris S8 and Bridgelux’ latest  V22 and high density CoB LED types H6 and H9 figuring out differences not only in CCT and CRI but also gamut/chroma, color spatial uniformity and CBCP (center beam candela power).


Growbox based on horticultural lighting technology

We have moreover showcased a growbox (see above) equipped with a horticultural lighting fixture featuring Osram’s SSL series in deep blue and hyper red explaining its effects on plant photosynthesis and photomorphology.


Human centric lighting demo: warm white on the left and cold white on the right

The human centric lighting troffer in the picture above, equipped with Osram’s latest Duris S2 Chip scale packages in cold white and warm white was a little foretaste about what can be expected from the lead trade show Light and Building 2016 in Frankfurt.

Besides EBV exhibitors like Osram, Iguzzini, Reggiani, Neri, Targetti, Arcluce, Luce & Light, Linealight, Trilux, Hoffmeister, Erco, Flos, Hess, Zumtobel, Thorn, Louis Poulsen, Regent, Schreder, lumenpulse and ACDC joined the conference with incredible lighting demonstrations.

Unfortunately going into detail for all of them would burst the size of this blog.

However, the example of the new SSL illumination in the world famous Sistine Chapel in Rome that went live in November 2014 by Osram was just too stunning not to mention it!
The chapel shines in completely new color diversity as before the colors of the famous frescoes by the Italian artist Michelangelo were difficult to recognize in the transition area between daytime and night vision. 


Osram equipped the world famous Sistine Chapel with modern SSL illumination

Osram experts developed the LED lighting concept as part of a project subsidized by the European Union and together with various project partners, including conservators and experts for color quality and sustainability. The LED lighting concept increases luminous intensity by five to ten times, renders colors more close to reality and illuminates fresco areas with a high level of homogeneity that previously were hardly noticed by visitors.

Watch the making of LED lighting in Sistine Chapel here:

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Impressions of the PLDC 2015