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Power Distribution In Electric Vehicles With Infineon Switches

Infineon Power Distribution

There can’t actually be no doubt about it anymore that electric vehicles will replace classical automobiles one day completely. At least many experts are absolutely convinced of it, and so heavy research and development is underway on that field. Power distribution in electric vehicles does not only mean optimizing electric supply for the power train, it is rather about the optimization of the entire E/E architecture.

Electric and electronic systems (E/E systems) have become more important in modern vehicles compared to the past. Not only since electric vehicles entered the market are more and more electric components mounted within the vehicles. Reliability plays a tremendous role and the management of the power supplied to electrical loads needs to be efficient. Smart decentralised power distribution architectures use semiconductor technologies to replace relays and fuses. Infineon Technologies offers solutions that help engineers to implement smart switches which are essential for modern power distribution systems.

The list of applications in the automotive area is long. Depending on the switch load, there are products available that meet the specific requirements of the power distribution system. With the PROFET™ technology, Infineon offers efficient and reliable automotive high-side switches that incorporate a broad range of smart features like diagnose or protection against over-current or over-temperature.

No matter if exterior and interior lighting, heating applications, infotainment or motor control, there’s the right switch for every application. Have a look at our dedicated power distribution website and find exactly the product you will need for an efficient design of your application. The product portfolio from Infineon ranges from high-side switches, gate drivers and automotive MOSFET.

How to simplify the replacement of conventional relay- and fuse-based schemes will be explained in the dedicated on-demand webinar with Johannes Breitschopf, Technical Marketing Manager Europe at Infineon Technologies and Frank-Steffen Russ, EBV Elektronik, Director Vertical Segment Automotive EMEA. They go into detail and explain how the decentralized E/E architectures improve fuel consumption, reduce emissions and lower BOM costs.

There’s also a whitepaper available that explains how to use high current protected switches, semiconductor based decentralized PDCs will reduce weight and power losses, and what Infineon and EBV offer in terms of speeding up design cycles, reference designs and demo boards.

So, this is the overall service package EBV can offer together with its manufacturing partner Infineon Technologies. Nevertheless, should there be any open questions, don’t hesitate to contact us here.