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Prizm is your New Music Buddy

Do you still remember the days when you discovered new music in stores flipping through thousands of CDs? Getting excited whenever there was a new album from a favourite artist? The internet changed how we consume and search for music. Nowadays we get overwhelmed by a flood of new songs every day, spending hours to sort out what we do not like. Luckily a french start-up created a solution: Meet Prizm – a gadget that will play the perfect track in every situation.


Prizm is a little pyramid that connects to your WiFi, speakers and to your smartphone and learns your music listening habits. The device streams the music directly from the internet using your Soundcloud, Spotify or Deezer accounts (with more compatible services on the horizon). While music recommendations are nothing new in particular Prizm comes with some advanced and great additional features.


Elegant and compact design

The device has a slider for volume, a play button and a like and dislike touch button. The last two are used to teach Prizm what you like and what you don’t – press the like button to like and store the song in your playlist which is synchronised to all your devices or touch the dislike button to skip a song. By pressing and holding the like button you can explore an interpret more deeply, by doing the same with the dislike button you can tell prism to never play the song again.

This sounds already pretty cool but what makes Prizm really stand out is the way it predicts what kind of music you want to hear in which situation. The device knows who is in listening range via the smartphones it detects or even via wearables which it can link to a taste profile. The unique about this is, that Prizm can recognise the presence of several persons and adapt the music so it fits everyones taste. That’s still not all; the small device also detects the atmosphere and background noise within in the room to know if you are spending a romantic evening with your partner or hosting a party with 20 persons and it plays different music accordingly.

Prizm_In Situ6

Prizm’s situational awareness helps to always play the perfect track

Regarding your personal relationship to your new music buddy – well Prizm will wake you up with a new song each morning, knows that you prefer to wake up to rock, come home with jazz and get pumped for the weekend with electronic music on Friday afternoons. Whenever you are not in the mood to discover new music you can use your smartphone as a remote control to select and play music.


The Prizm App

You can order Prizm, which was initially launched on Kickstarter last year here for $139.