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The PTC LiveWorx & What To Do With The MAREN IoT Reference Design

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Like the IoT connects our devices the PTC LiveWorx Europe 2015 last week connected the people who are working on IoT applications with solution providers. The two day event attracted more than 2500 visitors keen to learn about what’s next and possible within the IoT, how they can benefit from PTC software offers, which reference designs could help them to increase time-to-market and to share their own perspective and learn from experiences from others.

In addition to the informative keynotes and discussions exhibitors and industry experts presented IoT-relevant technologies and demonstrations on the show floor.

EBV was present together with NXP and Atmel, showcasing the ThingWorx ready MAREN reference design.


The highlight at our booth – EBV MAREN

What’s ThingWorx? Basically, it’s a company PTC acquired recently and it is the core of their strategic orientation towards the IoT. What’s in it for you? The ThingWorx IoT platform was designed in order to help you to run connected applications and to reduce the time, cost and risk required to build innovative applications for smart and connected products. The platform provides software and a wide third party partner ecosystem enabling you to easily interconnect your products to solutions like data analytics, business tools, operators and more.

The MAREN board is the perfect fit for ThingWorx as it focuses on sensors and connectivity. The core components of the demonstrated board are the NXP LPC54102 Cortex M4 MCU and the Atmel WINC1500 WiFi module along with different environmental sensors and dual interface memory to store WiFi settings.


EBV MAREN at the PTC LiveWorx Europe 2015

We implemented the Thingworx C SDK into the MAREN board’s NXP MCU and supporting ATMEL Wi-Fi module to make it as easy as possible to connect MAREN to the ThingWorx cloud. In a second version we connected the MAREN board via the SIGFOX network.

We have created this demo in order to simplify developing for the IoT and have been very curious what the PTC LiveWorx visitors would like to use it for. Here are our top three application scenarios in which according to last week’s feedback MAREN can make a significant difference.

Firstly, if you are a system integrator you can take MAREN as the basis in order to build your own prototype to demonstrate your value proposition. In a more specific example, MAREN could be applied in building management in order to develop solutions monitoring pumps, pipes or temperature.

A number of visitors have been very keen to use the board in order to acquire and sense environmental parameters and to send them to the ThingWorx cloud in order to enhance smart home related applications.
Further there was high interest shown in using the MAREN board to gain data in production lines in order to develop Industry 4.0 applications. This enables for example to monitor a machine remotely  and carry out basic inspections via the cloud.

A third interesting idea to use the MAREN board came from telecom operators envisioning to build advanced M2M services by adding a 2G/3G module for connectivity to the demo.


Lots of people lots, of ideas – crowds at the event

During the PTC LiveWorx we experienced a lot of open minded and highly creative hours around the IoT with many incredible technologies and solutions. We can only recommend everyone to take a look at the network and platforms backed by PTC and join future events. See all of you hopefully at the next PTC LiveWorx event.

For any questions around IoT, hardware and the EBV MAREN reference design contact us directly here or take a look at our dedicated IoT page.