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Out Now – The Quintessence of Autonomous Vehicles

The Quintessence of Autonomous Vehicles

Twice a year EBV publishes its renowned knowledge magazine “The Quintessence”. Past editions already addressed a variety of future topics that will have an impact on people’s everyday lives eventually. The Munich-based world’s largest museum of science and technology “Deutsches Museum” even added copies of the magazine to its comprehensive library, a special honour that motivates us to keep on with this project.

Just recently, the latest issue has been finished and is hot off the press. The subject, depending on who you ask, triggers deepest desires for some people but also causes fears and scepticism for others. But we are convinced that this market holds exciting opportunities for innovative businesses.

Autonomous vehicles already today have been running for years in some cases. Many people are not aware of the fact that they are running autonomously in factories, mine or farms. But the question is when will be the time we see them driving on our streets as well. First approaches and pilot projects of well-known car companies demonstrate promising results already.

In “The Quintessence of Autonomous Vehicles”, one of the main focusses are the technologies that provide the basis for such autonomous vehicles. In several articles and guest editorials the different systems that interlock and make autonomous driving possible are being introduced. Mainly there are three of them.

Firstly, different kind of sensors have to be mentioned. They capture the environment and the surrounding of the vehicle in detail and gather data. Furthermore, there are chips that have to capable of processing the flood of information collected by the sensors and compute a highly accurate map of the environment. They are the brains in the entire systems. Last but not least, communication modules connect the vehicles with each other, exchange information with the traffic infrastructure and with the Cloud.

All those component are provided by semiconductor companies. They have everything in place that is needed to make the vision of autonomous driving a reality. In the magazine futurist Matthias Horx sets out mobility visions and stresses how people’s mobility needs are changing. A legal framework and standards for functional safety and cyber security are concerns that need to be tackled in order to get along autonomously driving road vehicles.

As mentioned before there are many examples of applications that are already in place, on land, water and in the air. If you browse through the magazine you will find fascinating stories about them. Start-up companies also play a significant role in the sector of autonomous driving. The magazine gives insight into their creativity and innovative spirit. It’s worth having a look!

If you are curious now we have good news for you! You are just one click away from your own copy. And even better, its for free! Go to our website here and order your own “The Quintessence of Autonomous Vehicles”. Have fun reading!