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Choose Radar Solutions For The Internet of Things Enablement

Infineon 24ghz Radar

Without wireless communication solutions, the realisation of Internet of Things applications is hardly conceivable. Whether with the help of Bluetooth, microwave, or radar technology, data and information need to be exchanged as quickly, reliably and securely as possible in order to ensure a smooth operation of the devices and applications.

Home automation and security applications such as intruder alarms, automatic doors or traffic monitoring equipment rely on systems that are able to detect motion and proximity. Radar-based systems provide an answer to the challenges of processing data and information. Those systems are growing in popularity, because they offer significant advantages compared to other technologies, such as infrared sensing, which is limited in range and not able to determine object speeds.

Improved sensors are required in the designs to interact and respond more effectively to objects and materials in their environments. Highest accuracy and precision are crucial for applications like motion and object tracking, target positioning and collision avoidance for vehicles or multicopters.

The range of technologies for these types of applications is diverse. There’s infrared, ultrasonic or laser, but 24 GHz radar technology delivers the best performance for all the features required. For designers of such applications high sensitivity and an increased coverage or range are the main criteria. But also a low power consumption, small chip size or resistance to weather interferences contribute to the best possible results.

Infineon_BGT24 radar chipThis is what the ISM band radar transceiver family BGT24 from Infineon brings along. Up to 30% board space can be saved compared to discrete line-ups. With the integration into SMR modules from InnoSenT, a German leader in radar technology that covers the requirements of the automotive and industrial sectors with standard products and customer-specific solutions you can create the best design and engineering solutions.

Start prototyping with the evaluation kit “EVALKIT SMR-334”, a programmable compact radar system with a focus on creating a friendly and easy-to-use FMCW radar platform. It helps you to shorten the time-to-market drastically and if you register here, there’s a possibility to get it even for free. Win this kit here!

EBV_Radar_Arduino-Eval-Kit In the era of the Internet of Things, wireless communication solutions become more and more important. Data and information need to be exchanged as quickly, reliable and secure as possible. Explore the Infineon & InnoSenT 24 GHz solutions on our dedicated website here. In case you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our experts here.

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