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Relo Transforms Your Bike Into An E-Bike

Hero Bike mit Relo Antrieb

Lots of companies have something like a “green” week or month in which people are encouraged to use their bike in order to get to work instead of their car. We do something like this at EBV and it’s great. However there are those days when you have an early meeting and don’t want to arrive at work completely exhausted after a bike ride. Skipping the good intentions and taking the car is the only alternative… or is it?
The high-tech startup Relo is about to change the way you use your bike and will make the ride to work as easy as it gets – without the need to buy a new bicycle (editor’s note: please be aware that jealous colleagues might interpret the following as cheating).

The Nuremberg, Germany based team developed the first plug drive for bicycles which will be launched this March.
The electric drive can be mounted onto almost any bicycle in order to upgrade it to a pedelec. However instead of transforming it into an electric-only bike the integrated free wheel allows for either supported rides or common unsupported rides – it’s the 2-in-1 solution you have been waiting for!
The set consists out of 3 parts: the gear, motor and battery pack. The gear is the only part which will be fixed to the bike permanently – with only 1,5kg it’s an easy burden to bear whenever you use your bike without the assistance force of the motor. Thanks to ultra-lightweight materials like magnesium and aluminium the complete system weighs only 3,5kg.

Relo Antrieb
The inconspicuous Relo system installed on a bike.

When in use the Relo system provides 250W power and is able to speed up your bike until you reach 25km/h (more is not feasible due to regulations in most European countries). The motor and battery pack can be transported separately and be attached to the gear whenever necessary in seconds. The cyclist is further able to adjust the strength of support in three stages via app or the Bluetooth LE enabled switch which is mounted on the handlebars.
The lithium-ion battery’s high capacity of 100Wh can be charged to 80% in less than 45 minutes and weighs only 0,7 kg which makes it easy to carry along a second one if you travel longer distances.

Relo: Motor & Akku
The lightweight, detachable battery (left) and motor of Relo.

The plug drive is completely made in Germany and is waterproof for use during rain and in rough terrain. For now, the high-tech gadget will be available through professional bicycle dealers across Germany only in order to ensure professional and save installation. If you are interested in testing Relo you can participate in the “Pioneer” program and help to test and improve Relo. Dealers are further encouraged to partner up with the company in order to expand the Relo network and availability.

Checkout how easy the system works in the short clip below and visit the company’s website here to find the closest dealership to your location.

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