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Renewable Energies Look Back On 2015 – The Fundament Of Connected Energy Savings

No, 2015 was not the year in which we discovered the IoT for metering. It was not the year we first saw smart grid applications. Standards for smart metering have also been around the years before. So why was 2015 so important for the renewable energies segment? Because we moved on from just having ideas and trying out new things to really make them work and prepare them for global deployment.

In 2015 we achieved a lot which is relevant for a greener future. As I am writing these lines the world climate summit in Paris, France is looking for solutions to stop global warming. While we did not find the holy grail to stop climate change immediately we did find solutions which can help to reduce our impact on the environment significantly and we used existing ideas and refined them to become reality.

A special break through are the sophisticated security and authentication solutions which will help us to make use of connectivity, cloud technology and big data analysis in order to build smart grids which will improve energy efficiency on a micro and macro scale.

In order to securely connect smart meters to a local service and to encourage adoption we need to ensure that the acquired data is transmitted and received without being corrupted. On the larger scale, the smart grid, security technology plays an even bigger role. This is why the complex task of securing a huge network consisting out of independent applications, smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources and energy efficiency resources has been a major achievement of this year.

With sophisticated security hardware and authentication devices we are now able to provide the necessary security to start building smart grids globally – and to start saving more energy.

While there are still some huge challenges which we need to overcome, like storing energy efficiently, we can report another great result from 2015: The new EBVchip Maia.


Tailor-made for efficient and easy smart metering: EBVchip Maia

Maia is a single embedded low cost wireless M-Bus RF Module developed especially for the AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) smart metering and smart grid infrastructure where the Wireless M-Bus standard (EN13757-4) and OMS standards are used. With the highly cost-efficient and easy-to-implement solution we hope that we can support our customers in creating the sophisticated devices we anticipate and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Crowds at the greenest show of the year: The European Utility Week in Vienna, Austria

The value of solutions like Maia has been appreciated by many visitors of the most important event of this year, the European Utility Week in Vienna, Austria. The key takeaway of the show has been that the solutions for smart energy applications got easier to implement and to handle – giving companies with just few or no electronic engineering experience the chance to get access to the smart grid and smart metering markets and to accelerate the adoption amongst customers.

So what will be next in 2016? While we will see improvements in existing applications we will probably see a lot of advancements in the area of ultrasonic water, gas and heat meters.

Let’s take a breath and keep innovating for a greener future together next year! And for all that can’t wait: click here to checkout our Renewable Energies Microsite or contact us directly here for assistance with renewable energy technology.

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