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Revolutionary Innovation with Infineon Drive Solutions

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Home appliances, automobiles, or industry – wherever there are electrical machines, there are also drives controlling their motion. Different kinds of drive applications need different solutions to control and regulate the power units. For instance, battery powered motor drives have different requirements from low- or medium-power industrial drives. The German chip manufacturer Infineon Technologies is known for its variety of innovative power semiconductors.

Operating drives requires heavy power consumption. Choosing the right system solution is the key to saving energy. Designers of drive applications are challenged to seek efficient and at the same time highly reliable solutions for their products. Infineon provides exactly what they need.

Battery Powered Drives

For battery powered applications such as power tools, forklifts, or light electric vehicles, it is absolutely crucial to reach as high energy-efficiency as possible. Devices for power management, consumption, and voltage regulation are needed. Infineon offers power MOSFETs that enable higher efficiency and power density. Depending on the type of application, within the OptiMOS™ product family, you will find the right product for different voltage classes, on-state resistance and FOM characteristics. If you need to design power conversion systems, the revolutionary CoolMOS™ will be the right choice because it offers a significant reduction of conduction, switching and driving losses, thus contributing to high power density and efficiency.

Home and Building Automation

Intelligent power modules (IPM) come into play in home and building automation. As you can find so many different applications here, the solutions require their own respective features. To name just a few, there are high efficiency appliances, light industrial applications, low power motor drive applications, and AC motors in variable speed drives. Which IPM suits best for each application depends on the level of integration and power to be handled. The modules that integrate the latest power semiconductor and control IC technology are available in different packages and voltage and current classes.

Industrial Drives

Compact module design, configuration flexibility or high reliability are some of the features that are needed when it comes to industrial drives. Moreover, it is crucial to find the right balance between optimized thermal management and increased power densities. Infineon’s IGBTs such as the TRENCHSTOP™ Performance IGBT combine the best trade-off between conduction and switch-off energy with outstanding robustness and excellent EMI behavior.

Wireless Charging

At Embedded World 2018, Infineon Technologies showcased their wireless charging solutions on the EBV booth. This technology, which uses electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitter to a receiver, is gaining more and more traction in the market. Many people are already familiar with charging their mobile phone or wearable wirelessly, and numerous application scenarios are being developed. At the moment, there are two different standards on the market, inductive and resonant. Resonant technology is very use-friendly – you only need to place your device close to the transmitter and it will be charged. That even allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. Inductive power transfer brings seamless and efficient energy flow to wireless charging designs.

The advantages of wireless charging are obvious. It allows easy charging and removes the necessity to plug in your device, even in public places or in the car. Tangled wires, damaged cables and the need for different chargers become the thing of the past and will not bother you anymore.

Interested in how it works? Have a look at this video explaining the wireless charging demonstrator at the Embedded World 2018:

Infineon has a rich offer that covers different power ranges, standards, and topologies. Infineon’s wireless charging selection tool helps you find the right parts for your designs in only four steps. Give it a try here!

To put it in a nutshell, it is pretty impressive what Infineon has to offer in terms of innovative power management. To get more information download the brochure about their drive systems solutions here or reach out to our experts using our contact form.