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Ride The Perfect Radio Wave!

RF and wireless technologies are quite a bit like sports. Let us explain this statement: If you go rock climbing, surfing or if you are into soccer it is easy to just go out and start doing what you like best. But in order to get the most out of your favourite activity you will need to choose the best equipment according to your needs. This neither ends with choosing a rope that’s long enough when climbing nor with getting  a pair of soccer shoes when going out on the field.

The best set up will require a complete set of equipment carefully tuned to enable you to achieve your goals. The best surfboard is useless without a leash, wetsuit and fins!

It is similar for RF and wireless products. In order to get the most out of your application you will need to consider a lot of things.

With the perfect set up you can accomplish tremendous goals with RF technology – from designing a distance warning radar for a vehicle to creating a cellular/4G connection in a small device. In order to develop future proven RF and wireless applications it is crucial to get access to extensive expert knowledge.

How to get access to this knowledge? We are here to help! Together with Analog Devices we are something like Adidas and a soccer coach.

Analog Devices offers a broad portfolio of RF ICs, covering the entire RF signal chain from DC to beyond 100 GHz and therefore makes it pretty easy to chose the perfect equipment.

With extensive experience in supporting customers on the complete system level and with the access to Analog Devices’ complete product portfolio – including the one of Hittite (recently acquired by Analog Devices) – we at EBV can act as your coach and help you to develop the best and most efficient RF and wireless applications.

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Together with Analog Devices we can help you to get more out of your RF & Wireless Applications

In market segments like automotive, consumer, renewable energies and healthcare, where there exists a lot of competition we can help you to perfect every detail of your application in order to have an edge over other market participants.

For customers out of markets like aerospace and defence it might be a little less about the competition however when developing a new application there exists often little or no experience on how to solve a challenge. In these cases EBV and Analog Devices’ longterm involvement in such applications in the past can help you to solve issues faster and more efficiently.

Got interested in RF and wireless technology? We created a quick overview about focus products and technologies to get started here. For full support and more detailed information visit also our dedicated RF & Wireless microsite.

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