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s-net® – module solution for low power nodes in IoT mesh networks

s-net® closes technological gap in state-of-the-art standards with the Wireless 868 MHz Module battery-operated Mesh Application

In an ever changing fast paced communication industry it is difficult to know which products are going to be able to help improve your business, save you time and not cost you your entire financial years profits. Does this sound familiar? If so then take a closer look at the new s-net® MOD-868-AM1 RF module.

Developed distinctively to connect objects for IoT applications or for Cyber Physical Systems, s-net® MOD-868-AM1 is a considerably low-cost RF module that uses the s-net® networking protocol allowing low power, self-organizing multi-hop communication in the following areas:

  • Low power consumption, suitable for energy harvesting
  • Robust bi-directional multi-hop communication
  • Low configuration and maintenance effort
  • Unique identification of network and nodes

Supplying a continuous bidirectional availability of all nodes while seamlessly and simultaneously fulfilling the requirements for battery operated networks, s-net® MOD-868-AM1 reduces any unwanted idle-listening periods to a minimum by supplying short active phases for transmitting and receiving. This process introduction enables even relaying nodes to be battery operated or supplied by energy harvesting.

s-net® MOD-868-AM1 defines an autonomous organization of active time sequences with all participating nodes and forms a spatially distributed multi-hop mesh network. This topology extends coverage for applications in buildings, whole factory sites or even city areas.
The concept is clever and the dynamic setup and self-organization of the meshed network leads to an incredibly robust network that adapts to changing environments and supports mobile nodes by considering the local situation at each specific node.  

Undeniably these features set s-net® MOD-868-AM1 apart and closes a technological gap in state-of-the-art standards, substantially so in the case where many mobile or battery-operated nodes need to communicate among each other or with backend applications.
The module’s high quality, small form factor makes it an ideal solution for SMD assembly.

s-net® MOD-868-AM1’s highly integrated design requires very few additional components, therefore saving on space and ultimately cost – Hurrah!

Regulations and certifications: The module is pre-certified and conforms to CE and R&TTE regulations.

But what are the module’s key features? We are very glad you asked, let’s take a closer look:


• 868 MHz Band, up to +11 dBm output power
• Antenna connection via SMD pads or u.FL connector
• Small form factor: 15 mm x 14 mm
• Data communication and configuration via UART
• s-net® communication protocol stack
• Low power consumption allows battery-operated nodes
• Basic firmware supports up to 40 nodes per network

Supporting 4 different configuration profiles balance latency and power consumption:


• Comprehensive sensory monitoring
• Condition monitoring
• Smart Metering
• Mobile sensors
• Smart Production
• Digitization of processes („Industry 4.0“)

STMicroelectronics low power components STM32F0 microcontroller and SPIRIT1 Sub-GHz transceiver are used.

In conclusion we are sure you will agree, s-net® MOD-868-AM1 is a technological advancement and an industry staple for future communications. It is the first device based on the cooperation between EBV Elektronik, RoodMicrotec and Fraunhofer IIS.