Consumer Internet of Things Smart Home

SFTY Makes Security Personal, Affordable & Simple

The Norwegian company sfty is building an unique, innovative IoT-based security network using hardware, apps, Electric Imp modules and social networking in order to make your life saver and more convenient.

You can spend a lot of money on a burglar alarm and then pay monthly for the security assistance standby. In case someone breaks into your home the alarm will notify the security company and you will get immediate assistance… after a couple minutes or longer or maybe when it is too late.

A major problem might be the density of security systems in an area. In parts of a city with a lot of expensive homes there might be a lot of subscribers to the burglar alarm services which makes it cost-efficient to position a guard close by. In areas with apartments (and in many cases more crime) people can not afford to pay for such a service and even if, assistance often arrives late.

The sfty approach combines modern hardware, cloud and social network technology to address these issues.

Everything starts with an app for iOS and Android. The clever software piece enables you to set up a network of “Trustees” which will be alerted in case of an emergency. In addition you are able to use the “Follow me” function in order to ask people to track your movement on a map on their smartphones or PCs if you feel unsafe. In case you need help you can simply push a button or pull out your headset from the phone in order to sent the alert notification to either your sfty network, Facebook friends or to a number via SMS.

The great news is that the alert can also be used by elderly people to inform their relatives in case they need help.

For your home SFTY offers a hardware solution which is simple and comes with impressive features: the SFTY Sense. The compact device looking like any other smoke detector is equipped with a burglar alarm which recognises movement, a smoke detector, humidity and temperature sensor. The Sense connects to WiFi using an Electric Imp module and sends its data to the proprietary sfty Cloud making it accessible via the app.

The connectivity allows for other features such as a controlled gas shut off valve which is closed when smoke is detected. In addition, as soon as the alarm goes off your Trustees will be notified and can help quickly. Your neighbours for example could be granted access to your home via smart locks in case the alarm is triggered in order to open your door to firemen and the police. This allows for an network similar to a neighbourhood watch. 

The Sense and sfty app are also good news for families as you can follow your kids if they want you to and as you can be notified as soon as their home and safe. 

It’s even better news for consumers as well as insurance and security companies as setting up a home security system gets way easier and more cost-efficient for both sides. Last but not least the sfty network provides a very personal way of safety assistance by adding familiar persons and neighbours to the emergency alert list. 

featured image: sfty