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Sizzling Hot New EBVchips Make Your Life Easier

“What, how and why” are the questions most people ask when they have to design a new product. However great products are designed by reversing the order of these three words: Why do we need a product – or in other words – what problem do we want to solve? How should the product solve this problem and how should it look like? What do we need to do in order to achieve this?

Solving a specific problem is what our EBVchips program is all about. For years EBV has listened to the key challenges customers face when developing new applications and teamed up with partners in order to create semiconductor based products which solve those challenges.

At the embedded world in Nuremberg, Germany, EBV now introduced three new EBVchips which are the result of close cooperation with customers and partners in order to create modules which make your life easier.

Janus – Wireless 868 MHz Module for 6LoWPAN Mesh Application

Trouble connecting your home automation, building automation, smart lighting and IoT applications? The solutions is Janus, a single embedded low cost RF Module using a complete 6LoWPAN protocol stack offering IETF IPv6 compliancy, Star & Mesh topologies, network auto-configuration (by neighbour discovery), unicast as well as multicast links and self-reparation.

Equipped with STMicroelectronic’s low power microcontroller STM32F0 and SPIRIT1 (low power Sub-GHz data rate transceiver) it offers low power consumption. Also on board is an ultra-miniature balun matching SPIRIT1 and supporting a connection to an external antenna, therefore saving space and cost. As users can integrate their region-specific application layer there is no need for an external host controller. In addition, the module is pre-certified and conforms to CE and R&TTE regulations.

Vulcanus – Wireless 169 MHz M-Bus High Power N Mode RF Transceiver Module

Need a solution for smart metering? The new Vulcanus, a compact surface-mounted Wireless M-Bus module which is pre-certified for operation under EU radio regulations could be the transceiver module you have been looking for.
This EBVchip features a RF front-end and a MCU with embedded wireless M-Bus protocol software supporting the new EN13757 – 4:2013 Mode N.

The module measures only 15 x 34 x 3.8 mm and contains a communication engine with embedded Wireless M-Bus protocol software, a high performance RF transceiver and an amplifier. The communication engine handles the radio packet protocol, the UART interface and controls the RF transceiver as well as the external IOs. The external host processor will manage the module configuration by sending ‘AT’ commands to the communication engine via UART allowing configuring frequency, channels, output power, GPIO behaviour etc. The commands are used to start and stop the communication as well as to put the module in deep sleep to achieve ultra-low power consumption while the module is not used . Some configuration parameters are stored in the internal non-volatile memory in order to be restored by a power-up sequence. The module has an advanced filtering circuitry to suppress harmonics and spurs.

Mercury – Wireless 433 MHz Module for Wireless M-Bus

Mercury is a highly integrated, ultra-low power, low cost and small foot print wireless 433MHz M-Bus module.

The new EBVchip integrates a fully programmable low power Cortex M0+ microcontroller embedding a full functional wireless M-Bus stack. Like the new Janus module, it is equipped with an ultra-miniature balun matching the SPIRIT1 transceiver and supporting the connection to an external antenna. The integrated microcontroller offers enough resources for your customised applications and provides all necessary interfaces to support your application. The module is pre-certified and conforms to CE and R&TTE regulations.

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