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Sleeping Beauty Is The Tracking Device Of Your Dreams

Great news for everyone who has ever considered to buy a tracking device but then decided otherwise because it only tracks things for as far as your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection reaches: Sleeping Beauty is on Indiegogo and it comes with a solution.

The device uses a prepaid SIM chip, a multi-constellation smart GNSS module and a GSM quad-band module to inform you about its location with an accuracy of about 2m – worldwide, no matter where you are.


Sleeping Beauty can even track parcels you send overseas

We will keep this blog short as this is enough reason to support the crowdfunding campaign. Thanks for reading.

Just kidding, there are so many other cool features you should know about, that we have to add some lines.

First of all, the battery life is somewhere around 2 years. Yep, years! This achievement is based on the sleeping concept of the little tracker which consumes energy only when it is awake or in other words moved.
As you might forget where you stored your charging cable after a time that long it could be a good idea to order a second tracker to attach to the cable.

Let’s get to the technical specs and use cases for Sleeping Beauty which was developed by Kontrollfeld GmbH – Agency for Binary Media from Berlin, Germany.

In addition to the already mentioned GSM/GNSS modules Sleeping Beauty features a BLE module, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer and “Prince Charming” processor (ARM Cortex M0+).

The size of the device is comparable to a hockey puck.

So what can the little beauty do besides sleeping?

It can track things in different modes. One is based on movement. In this mode the device will wake up and send you location updates as soon as it is moved. This is a great feature if you want to track valuable things you have stored somewhere. You can further use this feature as an alarm e.g. if you attach Sleeping Beauty to your front door when your away.


Another great use case: cookie-stealing alert

As somethings you might want to track (like your car) are moving when you are using them there is also a Bluetooth Authentication mode. In this tracking profile you are able to assign BLE enabled devices like smartphones of your family to the device. In case someone is driving your car Sleeping Beauty is only alerting you if the car is driven by someone outside your family.

Other modes like constant tracking and interval tracking are nice if you want to keep an eye on something precious or a parcel which you are sending overseas.

Using BLE you can also select a mode which will alert and track your belongings as soon as they are out of BLE range. This might be nice for traveling especially if you are sleeping in a dorm room in a hostel.

Checkout all features of this cool device here or in the video below and switch to Indiegogo if you want to get one – early birds can still save a few bucks and buy a single device including the prepaid chip for 1 year for USD 96.